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Thursday, April 06, 2006

home again

They wound up keeping me. Neither my PCP nor ortho doc quite agreed with my neurologist. Instead of admitting me for myasthenia gravis, as always done in the past, they admitted me for 'complicated medical history'. Well pfthpt. It was probably just as well. I wound up getting sick and needing to be taken care of all night. The round of "I told you so" from family and friends was not shy in coming! The first day, I had no use of my left arm, and because of where they put the IV, I had no use of my right arm. So embarrasing! Anyway. PT came in before I left and told me what all they'd done. By this time, they'd removed the IV from my right wrist and I had use of my right hand again. Then was told I could use my arm as tolerated, but not if it caused PAIN. So, she showed me a couple of exercises ..to which she had to tell me 3 times to slow it down take it easy. opps. What he did was the planned, bone spur removal, put the bursa back into place, cleaned up some arthritis, and then he found a nerve was compressed and had to make more space for the nerve, so he unpinched the nerve, got that stituation, and in order to keep it from being pinched again, he had to remove the end of my clavical bone. YEOCH! But, I'm home, on morphine pump for another day or so. I am on phenergan for the nausea that errupted so seriously in the hospital. taking it easy. OHHHH so glad to be home. My roommate was quite the interesting roomate. Let's not go there. Once again, I found myself sharing my faith with nurses and nurses aids ...because they asked me "how can you be like this?" (positive) One nurse just outright asked "what church do you go to?" I looked at her funny, I hadn't said anything to her. She said "come on, I can tell by the way you behave, you have Christ in you. What church do you go to?" WOW! I was thrilled to be asked in that manner! We started sharing. She asked me if I believed in miracles. I shared with her a few that had happened in my life (my marriage, my Bj etc) and she said she was encouraged, she said that it was 'good for me to talk to you today. What an honor. She is foreign, but I didn't find out what part of the world she came from. She would only talk about being from California. Fresno. I got to tell her I'm from Mariposa without her having to say "where's that?" :) I am home, and will now go lay back down and rest. Thank you all for your prayers, they mean oh so much to me!


  1. So glad to hear that you are home now. I'll continue to hold you up in prayer as you heal.

    It's funny to me that I can come to care so much what happens to someone that I've never met (other than through blogs) and didn't even know existed until a few weeks ago. I was just so relieved when I checked your blog this morning and saw your post.

    Wishing you a quick and painless recovery.

  2. Keeping you in my prayers, kid.

    Hugs and cuddles.

  3. Like the other's I'm so glad you are back home. Hopefully this surgery will give you much relief.

    I'am thinking about you!


  4. Glad to hear that you're HOME and in one ... (well, sorta) ... piece!

    TAKE YOUR TIME getting back into things! Don't rush yourself!

    You're in my thoughts!

  5. Aww everyone else beat me to it but I'm glad your home too and that it all went well :)


  6. It's always good to be home.

    Glad that you are back okay...

    Make sure you follow *directions* too!


  7. Glad you are home. Hope you don't need the morphine too much longer...that may be the cause of the nausea.

    I know where Mariposa is! Now...my partner grew up in McFarland, Ca...know where that is? No cheating by looking at a map. ;)

  8. I have HEARD of McFarland ...and once upon a lifetime ago, I knew where it was! I'd be willing to bet if I wasn't on pain killers, I'd know where it was ;)

    I'm off the morphine pump now and just on percocet. Want the morphine back ;)