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Monday, April 24, 2006


Pearls and Dreams Decision made. He's home. Vice principal agreed that he's better off at home. For a district that's as anti homeschooling as it is, that's saying something. Having succesfully homeschooled one child through the 8th grade that now has an incredible reputation in the high school ..doesn't hurt their encouragement in this area. They can't find the student at the heart of the matter ...so they can't protect him. They concede that they can't get the teacher's to consistently follow the IEP ... so ... an individual program would be ideal for him. I was told by one person that in most cases they don't recommend homeschooling ever, but some families, they just know the child is better off. This is one of those cases. So, in the next few days, we will be sitting down and writing his homeschool IEP.

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