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Friday, April 14, 2006

Light Blogging ... Kitten Update

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Our kitten Betsy is a Bossie ... and his name will be Inky ...because he looks like ink spots have been spilled on him (the cow spots)
I like Bossie ..but have lost. I think Bj won the Inky battle. Samuel wanted Butch, but it is the prettiest little kitten you've ever seen ...so ... no Butch ... we're having enough trouble believing it's not a girl ...
His cousin's name is Newspaper (Newsie by new owner my mom) so Bj thought Inky would be great. I have to agree.
Follows the pattern ... Donut had kittens ... named Coffee, Newspaper, Twitch, Velvet ...a couple more ... Twitch Velvet and Newspaper still in family ...
Inky is cousin to Newspaper ... Donut, coffee, Newspaper ..Inky ..just gotta be!


  1. lol a complex cat family! One of my neighbors used to work at the cat rescue center of Tulsa and would rescue the cats from the center and bring them all home! That fueled a major cat population in the neighborhood..there's probably more cats than people! One of the more ferral of the cats had kittens in our garage a few weeks ago, soooo adorable :)

  2. When I was a kid (about 11 years old) I had a kitten at my grandparents that I named "Charlie".

    "Charlie" was one of the barn cats and was particularly friendly with me and endured my attention.

    My grandmother let me bring Charlie to the house. So Charlie enjoyed a special place and privilege of being able to come to the 'house' and sit and eat on the backdoor steps.

    One day "Charlie" ended up having kittens, and she had one that looked just like her.

    The next litter she had she had another kitten that looked like her. And those cats reproduced kittens quite similar in appearance. These cats and kittens were then referred to as "Charlie Cats".

    Time and generations of cats and family have moved on. To this day, every time someone in the family refers to a cat that looks like her, it is referred to as a "Charlie Cat".