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Sunday, June 05, 2005

What are they thinking????

Pearls and Dreams

Thursday evening, while in the hospital, my mom comes up to see me, bringing my 13 year old son with me. My husband and my 15 year old come in right behind them.

My husband, tells us that we got a letter in the mail that day and it was not good news. The Thursday before school was out, my 13 year old was in a scuffle at school.
The letter was from the district attorney. The parents of the other child are filing charges against Benjamin ... criminal assault and battery!!!!!

We have to meet with them on Thursday. Chances are it will be dismissed when they hear the story.

Hey dads ... future dads ... if you ever come up against news like this ... DO NOT SAY THIS KIND OF STUFF IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!! IT WILL SCARE THE FIRE OUT OF THEM!!!!!

GEESH! I can't believe my husband didn't have the kids step out of the room. My son immediately started to cry and almost started to scream "Am i going to jail?"

The poor kid. He doesn't deserve this. I'm so mad at the other parents, I'm furious with my husband for not being sensitive enough for not dealing with this with me first then US figuring out together how to deal with it with Benjamin ... geesh.

We kept telling him that our pastor said there is no way that this is going anywhere ... that it will just get investigated and then closed. But he had to know what if (gee, you have a kid with OCD ...what do you think is going to happen????)

So I finally yesterday after praying for 2 days on how to calm him ... came up with "look ... the worst thing they're going to do is make you go to anger management classes" he was fine with that. His immediate reaction was "Oh, ok! That will help me to better deal with Samuel!!" Now he wants to go to anger management classes! (grin) He's such a good kid!


  1. people in this country take these things way too far... "scuffle at school" should NOT translate into "lawsuit" or "pressing charges" unless there is serious malicious intent to injure and/or premeditation... which i think is highly improbable in this case-

    not saying that kids should get a pat on the head for fighting-- the issue should be addressed in a rational manner, though!! and in my universe, that rational manner does not involve the DA in any way, shape or form.

    GRR. good luck, and please do let us know what happens!

  2. nope Bronwyn ...this was one punch, after the kid came across the gym, started yelling at Benjamin, screaming in his face, cussing and pushed Benjamin first. Bj punched him ONCE in the face. AFTER a whole school year of being bullied by the kid!!!!!!!!!!

    This was the first time in my sons life that he'd been in trouble for anything more than talking in class or staring out the classroom window!!!!!!

  3. oh my... i hope things work out, usually the lawsuit/charges stuff are an emotional reaction on the part of somebody who doesn't know what else to do. it is a 'normal' part of growing up male to get in a few fights, or else I was 'abnormal'. best of luck with things, and i'm sorry for the upsetting incident, but it sounds like to me that bj was simply standing up for himself.

  4. Oh, boo hoo. Coward-boy got thumped and had to go hide behind mama's skirts. The district attorney's office Will Not Be Amused.

    "Hey dads ... future dads ... if you ever come up against news like this ... DO NOT SAY THIS KIND OF STUFF IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!! IT WILL SCARE THE FIRE OUT OF THEM!!!!!"

    Nah. It's a cheap lesson in actions having consequences.