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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

My back hurts. In the most common area to have back pain. I rarely have back pain in the most common area to have back pain, so this has caught me off guard a bit.

I'm not sure of the cause but I have two suspects.

On Friday morning, I fell, and fell hard. Benjamin left marbles on the living room floor. I slipped and fell on them and fell forward, hitting my left shin on the box of pictures Benjamin left out. (same leg I just had knee surgery on!) Then, I flung backwards hitting my upper back on the coffee table. I could have arched my lower back with either jerk ...
I am hoping the cause of my pain is that fall.

The other suspect is ... a new pair of shoes (I was wearing them during the fall). I haven't worn hight heels since I got sick because weak muscles and heels just doesn't ever seem like a wise idea. Big clunky heels that was very much in fashion when I was in high school was out of fashion when I got sick 15 years ago. The big clunky heels that have come back IN fashion have not made it to the Walmart prices that I can afford ...

BUT ..at a garage sale 2 weeks ago ... I found these (2.5 inch at toes and 3 inches at the heel in height)

and I have worn them frequently.

While they are pretty much even in height ... I am still wondering if they are the cause ????

I love them. My ankles are still more stable than they are in even some of my flat shoes! I have to PURPOSEFULLY turn my ankle to ge them to turn! However ..that does make me wonder ...if I do accidently turn the ankle ... since I don't have my normal laxity ...will that cause an injury I can't deal with? shhhhh don't tell husband I have these doubts about these shoes. He hates them and thinks their ugly and is threatening to tell my docs I'm wearing them!

I love them!!!


  1. Aww, I like the shoes! They're cute, and if you like them send raspberries at anyone who dares question them. :)

    My problem is that my size 11 feet are also very narrow and slender. Most shoes made for size 11 are much too wide for me.
    Then throw in the medical problems and you've got a mess!

    Sorry your back is hurting you. :( Personally I'd bet on the marble incident.. But whatever it is I hope it gets better fast!

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