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Monday, June 27, 2005

Computer Ghost

Pearls and Dreams

My computer went haywire and started acting up. Taking so much time to do anything ...it was absolutly CRAZY.

A computer geek friend told me of a couple of free programs that could clear it up Friday night. He said they would each take about 20 minutes. I tried the first one ...took about 90 minutes to tell me that if I continued it would corrupt my computer (thank you AOL for being so proprietary!) and the second one took 2 hours to tell me that it would not work with AOL (again, thank you AOL!). So, then I figured ... well, I should do the AOL computer check (duh)
and it took 2 hours to tell me that it could not do it.
3 am I gave up and went to bed.

My plan was to go to the library today to turn all my email groups to no mail, post a post here to say I'd be MIA for a while. Me being me gets sick ... massive UTI, and I'm too sick to go to the library. So, I figure I'd take the 2 hours that it would take me to do it on line ... .and lo and behold ...my computer is working better than it has worked since we were given it in October. Go figure.

Tomorrow, my husband is taking my sons out fishing on an overnight fishing trip ... I will post about the ball game :)


  1. Leave it to the UTI's to enhance life's most difficult moments. Thank goodness we now have a lot of stuff available OTC now. Misery loves relief, so don't talk to me about the "Good Old Days" when we talk about medicine.

    Glad you could fix the computer. We are in serious need of a new one with more available RAM. Just one of the reasons I hate popup ads, especially the ones that cascade, one after another, until the PC simply freezes.

    Husband RJ does regular defragging, and we are huge with deleting cookies and temp files.

    A clean PC is a happy PC ;)


  2. hope the game goes well... i saw no less than 5 UTI's today... i swear it must be the dehydration of summer, or a massive conspiracy

  3. Alas ... I am still having gremlin problems with the computer (my computer geek friends most recent advice is to not to ever give it water or feed it after midnight ...first Ed ...you're telling everyone how old we are ...second ... THAT DOESN'T HELP!!!

    So ... Deneice ...if you get this, can you place this on the first page of my blog, because I'm blogging from the library and it doesn't want to let me blog normally ...

    Hopefully, by next week ..said gremlins will be gone.

    I want my computer. :(

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