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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

Today is Father's Day. I should be paying tribute to my father in California, or the father of my children. But the father on my heart is the father that is missing in my life. My step father. It's been twenty six years and he is still a missing hole in my heart.

Today at church they mentioned things that children learn from their fathers. I wanted to say some of the things that I learned from my step dad ...

I learned to laugh even things are tough.
I learned that when things are hard, that is when the real growth takes place.
I learned that radishes can't grow if you pick up the seeds that daddy has put into the ground ;)
I learned that when you are riding on Dad's shoulders, the names that the girl at school called you that morning, doesn't matter any more.
I learned that just because I couldn't tie my shoes yesterday, does not mean that I cannot tie them today.
I learned that just because I am not liked by everybody, does not mean that somebody (him in particular) doesn't love me.
I learned that when my sister makes me mad, weeding the radishes will get the anger out better than hitting her back...and will get me in far less trouble!
I learned that the whole world could say I was not good enough, and he would say " You're the best!"
I learned that no matter what ..even when he died ... and his body was no longer here to hug me and I could no longer look in his eyes, I would always be ... Daddy's little girl. I love you Dad, I always will ...

My Dad's Shadow

by Peggikaye Eagler

My dad had a shadow,
It followed him all year long,
During the winter, it would go behind,
And throw snow at his back,
During the spring, it would follow him,
Out to the garden to pick up the seeds,
He 'accidently' dropped.
In summertime it would follow him to work,
And make more messes.
In the fall it would go behind,
Jumping in the piles of leaves he had raked.
The one spring he turned around
No shadow could be found,
Only I was standing there,
With a grin on my face and some seeds,
in my hand,
For you see ... the shadow that my dad had,
Was not a shadow at all,

© Peggikaye Eagler

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes its the pain that never goes away that reminds us of the joy that was planted in our hearts.

    I believe there is an old Cherokee saying that goes something like this (not a quote):

    Yesterday's tears wash today's smiles clean. God bless you.