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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

Two weeks ago, I posted about the Mother Daughter sleep over, Beach party ... here's the picture of the flip flops that I made for the sample ones for the girls to see what they'd be making.
Flip Flops I made for sleep over samples

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures of the actual party soon.

I saw the breast surgeon yesterday. The pain is not actually coming from the breast itself, but from under the breast, right at the rib/sturnum ...not sure what it's called ... anyway, I have pretty significant costochondritis from the lupus, and that particular place is pretty bad... and it seems to be what is causing the pain, and it just happens to be 'radiating out' far enough to make me think it was the breast. WHEW!
She did still want to keep an eye on the calcifications, she said while they are certainly benign, and the chances of them changing are slim to none, until they've been followed for a while and they haven't changed, she doesn't want to guarentee they aren't going to change. Especially given the immunosuppression drug Cellcept that I'm on for the last 2 1/2 years and the 8 1/2 years of Imuran before that. The risk is slight for developing cancer, but it is still there.

Well ... my sweet, adorable, gentle natured youngest son has shocked the whole world today. He got suspended from school. It is possible to push him too far. A kid has been picking on him all year, but Bj hasn't told anyone. I guess, today, was just too much. And ... the kid started swearing at Benjamin, calling him names and swearing and well, Bj punched him in the face.

Since Bj has never been in trouble before ... EVER ...not even a little bit. The worst he's done is stare out the window in class ... they sent him home for the rest of the school year (4 days) and are freezing his grades where they are. It goes on his record as an excused absence not a suspension.

Benjamin is devastated. He can't believe he did such a thing. He is beside himself with worry about what others will think of him now. He wants to apologize to his teacher. He's already apologized to the other student.

We're not punishing him anymore ..he's learned a lot by this ... he's not making excuses, he's not justifying his actions. He's just heartbroken that he's done this and wishes he coudl start today over again.

I saw the GI doctor today. I am scheduled for an EDG in 2 weeks. UGH. He's going to do it in the hospital instead of in the office because of my MG. He is, however, going to knock me out (yea!)
It's been 5 years from my last EDG .. I'm supposed to get them every couple of years ... I hate those things. I'll be very interested to see how much the stomach has changed in the 4 years since I've stopped the bulimic activity. He thought I was being very open with him and talking 'freely' ... if he'd taken my pulse, he'd have known differently. My blood pressure, that is normally at 110/62 was at 150/95 ... slightly nervous! Not sure that you could call that talking freely! At least I appeared relaxed!

3 weeks from today is knee surgery. Joy oh joy.


  1. i hope your health remains relatively good, and am glad the source of your pain is inflammatory. it seems like certain people just get more than their fair share... you deal quite admirably with it. re: your son, i smiled a little thinking about my post on bullies :) i won't encourage him, but...

  2. Yea... I won't encourage him either, but I must confess that my first response was "good for him!"

    I think I need a remedial lesson LOL!