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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Various Assundry things and a God with a sense of humor

Pearls and Dreams

I realize that I was raised in a tiny town in California, and a mountain community, at that. However, I still tend to be a bit snobbish about the town I currently live in. I tend to get a bit ..um ... shall we say ... maybe a bit ... stuck up ... when I think that Oklahoman's think they can have culture.

Why? I don't know ... I think simply because ... I am from California and what makes Okie's think they can have anything of culture? The fact that I have lived in Oklahoma for 23 of my 40 years ...seems to be beside the point when it comes to my inborn snobbishness.

I went to this riverside concert tonight. It was supposed to be in the Riverside Ampetheater. When we arrived, everyone was setting up their seats to the seats BEHIND the ampetheater ... with my typical California vs Okie snob attitude ... I snicker to my mother "um ..they can't see the stage through the stage seats!" We get up to where they are handing out the sponser sheets (minus programs because the printer forgot to print the programs for the night HARMPH!!!! cough humph!)
"We have to sit back here tonight because the Arkansas River is too high tonight"

Well ... ok ... I guess ... Okies.

After we set up and I'm sufficiently bored of sitting listening to the instrumentalistst tune up ... I decided to go look at the ampetheater ... well the stage lower level was under water, rows A- D were under water and the road leading to get the equipment from land to the stage was under water ... well ... ok ... Even in California that would have been an interesting feat to overcome.

So, I go back to my seat and I notice one other inexcuseable problem with Tulsans ..and this really is a problem that I will not offer any excuse for ... I saw three people who would not have marked Caucasian on a government or medical form. There were a few hundred people there. Tulsa is a community of a half a million people ..and not a half a million white people ... we really really need to mix a bit more!!! GEESH! GEESH GEESH!!!! You would never get that many people in California together and have just one race together.

Once the music started to play ..a bit of my snobbery disappeared ... Duke Ellington Tribute ..and played well .. it was hard to be snobbish when listening to very good jazz music!

During the intermission, the radio station sponsoring the event had a drawing. While I was entering the drawing .... I did something I NEVER do ... I signed it Peggi instead of Peggikaye ... on the off chance that I actually won something (HA) they wouldn't have to stumble over my name (you'd be surprised how many people can't say Peggikaye Eagler!!!!)

So, they start to do the drawing and I'm sitting there thinking "God, you know, if I won one of these drawings, after the week I had, it would just feel like a hug from you!" Then I immediately apologized to God telling Him that I am very aware that my relationship with him is more than a supersticious "if you let me win this, I'll know you love me!"

So, the drawing for the two HUGE Making Sense Candle's were drawn (men won)
The drawing for the theater tickets was won
The drawing for the movie tickets was drawn.
Then the drawing for the 10 tickets to the Driller's baseball game.
"Peggi Eagler! You've won 10 tickets to the Driller's baseball game this Saturday!"

My mom squealed Benjamin SCREAMED and I got up and went and got my free tickets thinking "WOW! God, thank you!!!"

As I sat back down in my seat... I thought ... "you know God, you have a really funny sense of humor! To make a point ... you say OK but to the ONE prize I could really have cared less about???????"

Everyone was thinking I was smiling cause I won the tickets ... I was smiling because I thought God was really really funny!!!


  1. Oklahoma is lacking on culture...honestly i think we need more things to do in town. We have the museums, concerts now and then, a zoo, malls, and movies, but other than that what's there to do?

    Kinda funny that the river was too high, that's a first..everytime I've seen it, it's had no water :p

    I totally know how you feel about the lack of different types of people around. Everybody's white in the part of town I live in and i think it's stupid. One of the reasons why I love downtown tulsa is because of the diversity. I love cities I enjoy being lost in the mix :)

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