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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dear Mother Nature

Pearls and Dreams

Dear Mother Nature,

I know that you like to play with the brains of us mere humans. I am aware that it gives you pleasure to confuse us and to sometimes please us and sometimes upset us. I am aware that you don't always do what is expected of you. But ... I am beginning to wonder if you are really as clever as what you have been given credit for.

Maybe you don't like to play with us. Maybe you're just really ADHD and disorganized! Maybe you're just distracted and forgot to read the calendar and don't know what the heck you're doing!

My whole life I have been taught that Mother Nature is fickle and likes to tease the human race. There was once even margerine commercial about the perils of trying to fool Mother Nature and her wrath that could ensue.

The last few weeks, watching my ADHD mother and sons ... I'm beginning to think ..you're not so fickle ..you're not so vindictive ..you're just scatterbrained!!!!

Oklahoma's severe weather season is from March 1 to May 31. Yet, this year, we got not one single severe storm warning during those dates. Nada ..zip .. zilch ...zero.

Since June 1 ...we've had several. Almost nightly we've had tornado warnings. Storm damage in Northeastern Oklahoma has definitely been worse in years past, but for June, it's quite severe. Power outages and tree damages is getting quite severe. I am getting fed up with having to stay up well past my bedtime to see if we're going to have to flee our mobile home to take shelter in more solid surroundings from your fury.

Last weekend, just 2 days following my knee surgery at 11:30 pm, you decided to do this to our porch
same damage

Damage from storm

Storm Damage to porch

And this to the mobile home itself!

storm damage to mobile home

Normally, storms do not bother me. Our boys get a kick out of fleeing the house at midnight to take shelter at the nearest resteraunt to watch the storm (that may sound funny ..but if you've ever seen footage of a flattented resteraunt ..the walk in refridgerator is still standing! We know the people at the resteraunt, we take our coats, a deck of cards, and we order fries and hot chocolate and watch the storm. Only once have we actually taken shelter in the walk in, that was the May 3rd tornado's that ripped up Oklahoma several years ago).
Usually, you give us a break ... I swear ...we've had as many storms since June 1st as we normally have during the whole season. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit ..but JUST A BIT!!!! COME ON MOTHER NATURE ... it's not our fault you forgot to send us tornado's and thunderstorms in March through May ..enough is enough. We've had warnings every night for the last several nights now. Tornado season is over. You had your chance.

For the last couple of years, I've noticed the weather can't make up it's mind in the summer what it wants to do, in the fall what it wants to do ..in the winter ..etc ... and the weather is just all confused ... it really does make it quite difficult on those of us who have bodies that are effected by the weather.

Mother Nature, have you considered talking to your doctor about taking Ritalin?


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