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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Too relieved to strangle someone

Pearls and Dreams

I still haven't gotten around to the posting about the complications I had in the hospital after my knee surgery two weeks ago. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks. I had pretty much decided that I was just going to let them go and ignore them ... then had my follow up with my ortho doc today. Now that I have A/C in my living room working again and can actually spend some quality time in here ... I think tomorrow ... will come the post of my worst stay in 23 stays in the hospital.

I went to my surgical follow up. Found out that the reason that the ortho put me on a months worth of antibiotics was so that I could go back on prednisone immediately following surgery. He showed me where he'd put on the discharge that I was to NOT be given standard prednisone follow up ..but to be allowed to take it THAT day!!! (IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!!) And antibiotics to deal with posible slow healing or infection due to prednisones immunosuppression!!!!

So ...my 2 weeks of lupus flaring is for naught ...
GROWL. Thank goodness my MG right now isn't dependent on the prednisone (then again, if my MG was dependent on it, it wouldn't be 5 mg and I'd not have been off of it for surgery ...that's another story all together)

Anyway ..that aside ...

I got the pictures from inside my knee ... the part of my knee that the MRI said was fine and he didn't understand why it was hurting, that it 'might' be lupus, but there was no indication of even lupus type inflammation there ... had a huge ganglion cyst there! (I would have thought the MRI would show it! But , it didn't)
He found a big tear he didn't expect to find, and a little tear he did, that looked significantly bigger on MRI. (My knee never looks on the inside like he expects to see it (grin).

So ... all is well now. I've already taken my prednisone

He's going to find out who told me that I couldn't take the prednisone ..not that it matters now ... but ..nothing else was handled right ..so what's one more????

oh well ... in 3 days, I will be a new person. None of this will matter any more.


  1. Ouch! No wonder your knee was hurting. I have a gangylion cyst on my wrist....very painful.

    Hope the surgery is a big success.

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