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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Best laid plans

Pearls and Dreams

Wouldn't you know it ... I tried to fix my blog entry so that the entry would be up where it belonged. So, I edited it so the pics would be smaller ... only, the code wasn't right ..so the pics didn't show up. I have 3 hours before I have to be at church for a 3 hour class. The last of a 12 week leadership class. Then I have to come home and go to bed ... to get up and be at the hospital at 6:30 for my knee surgery so they can put the knee cap where it belongs and repair the cartilege behind the knee cap.

Personally, I think 6:30 is too early ...I'm not even sure God is awake at 6:30! But, oh well. I will be spending at least one night there ..we'll see how Mr. MG & Ms. Lupus do with regards to the surgery. Dr. S (PCP) did labs today to make sure I wasn't in adrenal something or other with coming off the prednisone ... I came off it slowly and was only on 5 mgs, so I'm not worried.

I will have to fix the picture post when I get back ... in the meantime ... click on my flicker pictures to go to my flicker homepage and see all the pictures of my home town and the different area's of Mariposa ... Midpines, El Portal as well as the historic downtown that I was trying to post & the Yosemite pictures. You can leave comments here on the blog or on my flicker site.

There are stories that I could go on and on ..but some fun stories ... Triangle road ... girl scouts ..5th grade camp out ... rained, we had to camp in the triangle road church ... and our girlscout leader caught it on fire, you can't see the church in the picture, just the triangle shape of the road.

El Portal, we had a 5 mile race there every year. My sister ran it every year from 4th grade till her sophomore in high school. I ran it my 5th and 6th grade year. I'll never forget being handed my shirt that said "I ran in El Portal" and what that meant ... I'd completed a 5 mile run in the mountains!

In the Midpines pictures ..there is a KAO campground site sign ... it was owned by a friend of mine ... and we found each other on line about 3 years ago. (lost each other when my computer crashed last year ... i guess I need to find her again!)

Ok ... I hope tomorrow while I'm under I dream of Yosemite and Mariposa ... I am so not looking forward to this surgery!!!!

I will post as soon as I can, but between MG, lupus and immunosuppresants, recovery tends to be a bit slower, so don't become alarmed if I take a bit longer than what you might expect. I also tend to push myself a bit ..so sometimes I bounce back faster than people expect ...so you never know ... I'm unpredictable! (grin)

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  1. May it go very well and surely dreaming of past days in the "Garden of Eden" won't hurt any! Will return to see how things went with your surgery!