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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Knee Update

Pearls and Dreams

I'm walking normally. No assistance.
I told the doctor's office that on Monday. The nurse asked how many pain killers I was taking in order to accomplish such a thing. I told her 2 at night and 2 that morning. She said "oh, well, then that's ok."

Then I told her that I was taking the 4 a day that I am taking as a way to cope with being off the prednisone because of the surgery so I was really still taking the lortab to deal with lupus pain, not surgery pain. She said "oh, then that's REALLY ok!"

I get to start taking prednisone as soon as the surgical sites are completely healed. When that will be? Not sure, thanks to cellcept, I still am going to heal more slowly. I also have one internal stitch sticking out of the left hole. Don't think that was supposed to happen.

The muscles that were angry when they taped up the knee are really really unhappy . They don't like the kneecap being where it is. The knee itself is great! My right side is not any too happy, nor is my left hip. But the knee itself is great!
But, when you have surgery on Thursday and by Monday you can put full weight on the knee, you can't complain too much!

I have rested quite a bit Monday, yesterday & Today. Knee is doing fine, lupus & MG aren't faring so well. They still know the body got put through the wringer. So ... I'll still be taking it easy till the immune system decides it can calm down.


  1. gald to hear you are doing alright. hope the other body parts form a whole again soon, best wishes for a good recovery!

  2. Thanks Dr. Charles.

    At least I am able to say I am taking it easy when people ask. I should be able to start my 5mg of prednisone tomorrow or the next day ... then the rest of my body will hopefully start behaving. At least back to it's version of normal.

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