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Friday, July 01, 2005

Gremlines and visitors

Pearls and Dreams

Tuesday ... the computer was as dysfunctional as ever. So, the gremlines are aparantly back. My computer geek friend told me to never get them wet or feed them after midnight ... after I told him that Max Hedroom has possessed my computer.

Since we both understood the reference without explination ...we have both decided ... we're getting too old!

So .... after getting through the week of disgustingly hot temperatures ... and a storm last night that I did not hear but evidently parts of town lost power. Things have cooled off a bit.

My dad will be flying in for a week plus a few days visit from California. A week from Sunday my 13 year old will be baptised. (He wwanted to do it while my dad was here.) my dad's visit is always exhausting ... driving back and forth to my sisters house every day and then 'entertaining' and trying to behave like a healthy person ..because for soem reason ..even though I know that he knows that I'm not healthy ... I never can let him see me at any less than my best ..even though my best will never be good enough for him anyway ...so why I bother? who knows ..he's still going to e giving me those bored to tears 'oh my gosh did I actually father a cperson who could have ever become so inccredibly inept and such a failure"

oh well ... Maybe I'll crosseyed back at him when he gives me that look this time.

Sunday we're leaving Dad with my sister and going to small group party anyway ... Wed, I have doc appt and my eating disorder therapyappt (gee, wonder why she wants to see me while my dad's here) and I pull music, plus the meeting for Bj's baptism on Sunday, and then class that night ..so I get out of going on WEednesday. Thursday I work at HAbitat REstore again from 9 to 1 before going out to my sister's.
Friday night small group which we're not going to miss out on ... so that's one less ... the next day will be my sister's birthday

Then Sunday's Baptism of my 13 year old Son. Which I am very excited about. Bj' made it a point of wanting his grandfather here ...and if Dad ruins it by making comparisons of my brothers and how he wasn't at mine or my sistsers (Becaue HE'D walked out on my mom) I think I'll blow a gasket!
He just can't ruin this day for my son! My son's father better not ruin it by not being there either. !

oh boy ... I waant the next week GONE

Then ...the 11th ...and Dad goes back to CA and the boys (Both of them!) go to church summer camp!! After I get what is supposed to be the final follow up mammogram .... I will be freeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

WOW WHO HOO !!!!!!!!

Hopefully by then ... my computer will be gremilin free.


  1. darn gremlins!
    Hey, if you can post a picture of the tomatoe gremlins, i'll get the link up for the contest... i thought that would be fun!

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