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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Summer has started

Pearls and Dreams

My 16 year old has finished his sophomore year in school. He's ready to get on with his life.

Trying to convince him that cutting off this summer, will not speed up his life is like handing him the moon. He knows that to become a doctor, he has a very long road in front of him ...and he's ready to get on with the show. Um, son, gotta finish high school first! Just be glad you're also getting college classes while in high school! (starting next year, he'll get college credit for AP classes, the next year, he'll be taking 4 of his 6 classes at the Junior college, his other 2 classes will be AP classes).

He wants to start now ... to get it done now. Trying to convince him that he'll be in school for a long time ..and the hard stuff starts next year ...enjoy this summer! Is going to drive me nuts. He's decided what he wants to do, and he's ready to move forward. Enough of childhood. Enough of this silliness ... life is waiting!

ACK! Be a kid! (am I really saying that to a kid who 8 months ago I was yelling GROW UP to?)

Amazing what inspiration will do. I could do without the "I see dead people" mantra that's seems to be a constant. I'm not sure if it's become a tic (TS related) or if he's just decided to drive me to insanity with it. His plans for 'his' morgue ... really are weird. The child really does have a weird sense of humor. I guess anyone who wants to go into forensic medicine would have to.

He was asked at church last week if his families health problems have encouraged him to go into medicine. He busted up laughing and said "well, not yet anyway" The guy looked a little baffled. I told him that he wants to be medical examiner, specializing in criminal investigations, so unless we're murdered ... or some other unsavory death ... he wouldn't be inspired by our condition. The poor man went pale as Samuel started grinning. This kid also plans on getting his masters in divinity. He may need it just to stay sane. (become sane?)

My mom goes to the neurologist on June 30 for the 'senior evaluation'. My doctor is waiting to hear from said neurologist on my taking the drug. The nurse was supposed to ASK me if I knew whether or not it was a safe drug ... not tell me to take it and to call it in. Um ...that's not what happened.

So she's calling neuro to clear it, but we agreed that given my BP and heart rate, and the fact that I'm still functioning, breathing and walking, that I'd stay on it until further notice.


  1. ok taking WHAT drug??? as far as your son goes- I remember being 16 (amazing that I do) I took the test and got out of school thinking I'd just jump right into college as high school was a waste of time. Unfortunately, I didnt know anything bout student loans and grants and I got pregnant before I made enough money to go:P but I do remember the feeling. I had 7 classes in high school and 5 were electives, the other two were college level classes and I didnt see the point of being there any more. Hugs for your son and for you

  2. Ah ... the enthusiasm of youth!

    That's OK ... life will catch up with him once he really does start med school ... more's the pity.

    Hang in there, Pk!

  3. Hey!! I don't have a weird sense of humor!! :P Forensic med is a perfectly normal, sedate, not weird at all field. ;) Of course I did crap up at the "I see dead people" remark! Tic or intentional...that's a good one!! lol

  4. hmmm...that should say *crack up* must really proof read before I hit publish. :P

  5. ok i like his answer " not yet anyway", interesting job to do but imagine how cool it will be at parties. I can just see it "what do you do" "examine dead peoplewant me to check your pulse in case " lol well i think its funny

  6. Raine ... it's Toprol ... a beta blocker which has a primary warning of don't take if you have myasthenia gravis.

    I have a very good doc ... when the nurse told me that the doctor TOLD me to take it, my assumption was that the doc had cleared it with the neuro ...well, the doc knows better than to just give me a medication.

    Beta blockers and MGers are not friends.

    So ... we'll see.
    It's risks vs benefit time.

  7. I have a verbal tick like your sons, it develops around this time of year. "I see stupid people." Best of luck to your son on his great medical journey. It will be an amazing ride. You and your situation are in my prayers

  8. cant you take an ace inhibitor instead???

  9. I remember when I couldn't grow up fast enough...

    Now I can't slow my aging down.

    And it's moving at an incredible speed.


  10. I was so ready to grow up fast when I was his age... then something happened and I wanted to go back to the good old days when I didn't have to worry or be responsible...:) I finally read up on your condition . OUCH.... it sounds extremly painful and now I get why your eyes bother you. I hope everything works out with this medication problem.

  11. Sandy ... your comment made me drop my coffee!

    Wolfie ...you read up on the MG or the lupus?

    TJ ...yea, time just won't slow down!

    Raine, you know, I honestly don't remember if I can take one of those or not! One of my nurse friends at church asked me about calcium blockers last night, but those are just as hard on MG as beta blockers, her response was "So what, you have asthma AND MG ...your MG is going to be at risk with this going on. We don't need to risk your asthma!"

    So, I'm going to contact doc tomorrow I think.

  12. Raine, I looked up the ACE inhibitor, it comes with the MG warning ...as well as a lupus warning. The Betablocker only has the MG warning.
    Calcium channel blockers are absolutely contraindicated in MG ... so the betablocker is the best choice of the 3 types of medications used in blood pressure reductions for my health issues. :(

    I guess it's the lesser of the 3 evils given the choices.

  13. Hey Pk i looked up the MG.... wow .. Im so sorry you have to deal with that.