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Monday, May 22, 2006

Slap Happy

Pearls and Dreams

Well, I've checked my blood pressures a few times as requested by doc.
Same machine, different times of the day
142/79 heart rate 110
129/91 hr 104
141/94 hr 112
Sunday resting heart rate in church taken by a PT friend was 100.

Today ... I didn't check it. However, I'm tired and hopefully will be going to bed. I slept ZERO last night. I went to bed and stared at the ceiling, twiddled my thumbs and tossed and turned till I couldn't take it anymore. I got up around 5 AM.

I took mom to ortho doc. I went to PT where evidently I'd past the point of fatigue and into slap happy and had too much fun at PT with another patient who was on pain killers and had brought a Saturday Night Live 'Deep Thoughts' Book.
Poor PT ... he wasn't real sure what to do with us. I had a really hard time doing my PT and had forgotten I'd not slept. I mean, I had a REALLY hard time and I couldn't figure it out.
We got about half way through the routine and Mr. Protective himself decides to supervise me and notices my breathing is a bit off and stops it and says ICE NOW! Myasthenics not breathing isn't a good thing.
Ends the session half way through.

So he's putting the ice on my shoulder and I yawn and I realize I'd not slept in over 24 hours. Oh, that might be why my muscles don't want to do this therapy thing! Derrick says "That may be why you're a bit slap happy too!"

So, I came home and it took 2 hours for me to unwind enough to nap. The smell of Barbecue chicken woke me up about 3 hours ago. Now, back to bed I must go. Goodnight.


  1. i hope there are no slap happies for you tomorrow because youve rested well tonight

  2. I went to bed right after posting this, and didn't wake up till 9 something AM.

    Still having my hyper beating heart. Don't know what my blood pressure is.

    But then, that all started before the lack of sleep, oh well.

  3. Is "slap happy" the same as "punchy"? I remember having fun on Deb's blog and her saying we were getting "punchy"...wasn't quite sure what that meant lol but "slap happy" I know! Hope the sleep helped and your heart rate calms down. Stress can do weird things to your body...both good an bad stress...and you've got a lot of both going on right now. ((((hugs))))


  4. Yes, slap happy and punchy are essentially the same thing.

    When I went to pick up my husband from the coffee shop, I went into a tangent about which was the more appropriate term for me at the moment. Slap Happy or Punchy. He decided the term came because someone hadn't slept, and that person got too happy trying to stay awake, and someone else knocked them out with a slap or a punch. My response was to bat my eyelids and put my head on his shoulder and say "oh, but you love me!"

    I don't do things like that in public, the waitresses got a big kick out of it.

  5. I hate it when the no sleeping thing happens unfortunatly i know the feeling only to well!!! But I am so glad you ended up getting a good nights sleep the second night!!!!! take care I hope they find out whats going on with the heart beat thing.

  6. That BP is pretty high, sweetie! Make sure you keep tabs on that ...


  7. Hey I mean it Take care of your self. ie pratice what ya preach!
    Accountability remember! lol

    You know I just care about you. Right??

  8. yea, I know *hugs Trouble*

    Thanks everyone!