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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

I have been a CS Lewis fan since I discovered the Chronicals of Narnia as a very young child. Second or Third grade. Everytime I read them, I discover something new. This last year, when the movie was coming out, I re read the Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, again ...for what was the probably the 25th time.

As I read through the whole book, my normal excitment, sorrow, and joy rose, fell and grew with the story. I cheered with Lucy and Edmund and Peter and Susan as they went on their journey. I cried with Aslan's death and I rejoiced when the stone table broke.

This time however ... I saw something new ... something I'd not read before. I'm sure, I've read it before ... I've read the books 25 times. But I'd never quite READ it before.

Lucy, Susan and Aslan had gone back to the white witches castle ...and he was breathing on the ice statue to bring them back to life. As he breathed, they would turn from white ice to colored life. They would start to dance, and to rejoice at their restored life.

Suddenly, Lucy and Susan stop in their tracks as they realize that Aslan is about to breath on someone or something that they don't think should be done.
Susan says "Do you think it's alright?" and before she can explain herself to Aslan, he breathes on the feet of the creature.

What Susan meant, of coarse, was that it wasn't a good idea. This creature wasn't an acceptable creature to be defrosted! How could he be? He wasn't 'acceptable' ... how could Aslan save HIM? WHY would Aslan WANT to save HIM? Wouldn't we all be better of if Aslan left his kind alone and leave him as ice?

But before she could explain this concept to Aslan, Aslan says "Oh, he'll be just fine, as soon as his feet are set right!" and Aslan went bounding off to breath life into the other ice statues.

The creature ... a giant. A BIG rumbling huge cross footed monster or a giant ...who carried a satchel and a club ... he was so clumsy that even his feet were crossed ... and he was HUGE.

The feet started to defrost and then slowly the giant defrosted ... it took much longer than the other creatures, because he was much bigger, and he carried baggage (satchel and club). Then, before he could dance with his fellow former statues, he'd need to set his feet right.
It took longer ... he was different ... but Aslan said "he'd be alright ...once his feet were set right!"

I read that ..and I suddenly was stunned ... "He'll be alright once his feet are set right ...

He's different.
He's got bigger problems.
He's got baggage.
He's got bigger feet.
He's got a different background than the others.
His feet are twisted.
He's got baggage!

But he'll be ok as soon as his feet are set right!

Turned out ...they had no way of getting out of the witches castle, and Rumblebuffin had to use his club to break down the gate ...

So this different giant ..the one with the feet turned the wrong way ... the one carrying the baggage ... was put to the service of Aslan ... used his baggage so to speak ... to help the followers of Aslan on the way to the battle.

I realized ...it's OK that I'm a bit different and quirky ...
Sometimes I get my feet a bit turned ... I'm not a typical person ...I come equipped with backage and don't have a normal background ... but Jesus has breathed life on me ...and he says I'll be ok as soon as I have my feet set right!

so, when you see me call my friend Wanda Rumblebuffin, or you see her call me that ...that's what we're talking about ... we're reminding ourselves that sometimes we might FEEL a bit different ... but we're OK ... and we still have a use in the Kingdom of God ... it might take us a bit longer, we might have baggage others don't have ...but we're going to be ok ...God has breathed life into us ... and he's helping us to turn our feet right!


  1. Oh wow... now that it indepth... and so amazingly accurate. God is truly Amazing, isn't He??!!!!!

  2. I love the way Aslan was so off-handed about it. "Oh, he'll be all right..." makes me remember my childhood, where we all played together, disabled, retarded, asthmatic and all. We didn't give it any thought. Everyone had his or her place and his or her contribution.

    It's just the way it was. We can be off-hand about it, too.

  3. Thank you for the picture and reminder. I read that too, and yet I didn't see it till now. I needed that this week. God Bless

  4. Just what I needed to read right now as I'm feeling a bit like Rumblebuffin myself. I guess many of us do to one extent or another at times.

  5. Crayon ...yea, He really is!

    PB .... I love that too. Lucy and Susan were questioning the giants right to be given life again ...and Aslan didn't even think about the possibility that that could be a question.

    Sandy ... Amazing how CS Lewis got so much into those children's books. Sometimes I wonder how much was intentional, and how much was annointed.

    neutrocillinfan ... You'll be fine, as soon as your feet are set right ... the life has already been breathed into you!

  6. I & II We will get there with God's help

  7. And...

    I'm impressed that you have read a book 25 times.

    I could never do that.


  8. TJ ..when you start reading a book at 8, and you read it once a year ..and you cross the 40 year mark ... it starts to add up ... don't do the math ... please ... I prefer to think of it as 25 times ...k? (I'm not even 40, I'm past 40 and I read it before the movie came out and Bj and I have read it since the movie came out)

  9. *laugh*

    I'm past forty also.

    And by quite a bit, especially after today.