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Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Delightful Friend

Pearls and Dreams

My dear friend Wanda, from Wanda's Wings was meeting me at small group last night. She'd started a new medication ... and had a reaction to it. We had to call an ambulance ...and she was admitted to Laureate Psychiatric Hospital. (willingly)

She had a horrible flashback. When I got there, she said it was the worst she'd ever had, and it got significantly worse from there.

Please keep my friend in your prayers. I'll be going and seeing her today before going to our Sunday School class party.

Wanda is in good spirits and knows she is in good hands. She is working with the treatment team. Relaxing and praying that they can help the medications to adjust to find the best combination of medications for her.

Our worst concern is that they said that they won't contact our Dr. Bobblehead on Tuesday when he gets back into the office. So ... I will *grin*. Our pastor is out of town ... but our associate pastor said that we've had several people who've in the church who've been through this, in this hospital, and they've had good outcomes. It's pretty standard for them to not contact the primary outpatient psychiatrist psychologist (grrr) but the family member usually does go around that. So, I will just do that.

(D ..this is the same place that has the eating disorder clinic)

Even in the midst of her pain and chaos 2 things stood out ... her faith ..her solid knowledge that even though she FELT fear ... she KNEW God was with her and she'd be ok. And her concern for her friends, both in real time and her new blog friends. She is truly, a delight, like Dr. Bobblehead says.

My problem is,in 5 years, he's never told me I'm delightful! what am I? Grumpy? humph! ;)
(we spent all last night in ER joking about that,the er staff probably thought we both belonged in the psychiatric ward)


  1. Wanda is a sweet little angel and example for us to model ourselves after...:) I will be praying for her!!! Hugs for both of you.
    Good foryou going around the hospital to your Dr. bobblehead!!!I don't see why they don't notify ya'lls doc he is the one who does the day to day stuff I agree grrr.

  2. She needs an advocate.

    You are a very good friend indeed.


  3. YOU are delightful, and a good friend.

    Prayers for a quick recovery.

  4. I knew it was! :) I pay attention!

  5. with a friend like you we know that even when wanda returns home she will be well care for. Sending flowers and chockies to both of you for support and care.