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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Friday After ...

Pearls and Dreams

Took my first Toprol Tuesday night, so I've had 3 pills.

My blood pressure this morning before I started PT was 133/84, heart rate 63. Heart rate good. BP below high range ...still no where near my normal 110/60 range.
I have some edema starting. Doc says if I get concerned about it over the weekend go to the after hours clinic. Otherwise, go by blood pressure, if BP goes over ... don't go by MY concern, get in.

Otherwise, we can wait for the ultrasound on Thursday. Edema is probably being caused by what ever is causing the BP to rise, so unless it gets really bad, or uncomfortable ... the test for what's causing it is already ordered, labs have already been done. That's what I thought she'd say, but I called her anyway. See, I can be a good girl!

Inspite of what my PT says.

PT and I fussed at each other so much during PT someone asked him if I was his older sister. oops. I got mad at him when I was leaving because he told his next patient that PT is supposed to be hard and painful and torturous ..and he spent the whole session with me stopping me and telling me to play the game right. I then told him thatthe PT I worked with last year was more fun cause he didn't know me and let me work hard. Maybe we do fuss at each other too much LOL
It's fun though. He deserves it. Trust me. His co workers really enjoy watching me give him a hard time and he's only been there for 3 months ... he really deserves it!

It could be worse ... and we both know it. I could be struggling for every accomplishment I gain ... and it could be taking everything out of me. Fighting to be allowed to do more ... is a very good thing.


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your pt this is a good thing when you spend that much time together I say hes a keeper:) Good luck with that you so have the right attitude!!!... Good for you being a good girl:)I hope everything turns out ok.

  2. He was my PT for 3 years, almost solid. Then he quit ... and we kept our friendship going through email.

    Going to the clinic a few weeks ago to do postop PT and finding him there was a shock. A fun shock, but a shock. He'd not told me he was there ...but that was ok, I'd not told him I'd had surgery :) In spite of us just having exchanged emails in the previous couple of weeks.

    So, we've been friends for 7 years and know way too much about each other.