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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm here

Pearls and Dreams

Just a quick note to say I am here ... hanging around. My mood is excellent (as my friend Wanda could testify to, she saw me tonight) but my body for some reason doesn't want to agree with my mood.

It ISN'T from my behavior this time! I'm taking care of me. Blech!Guess that comes with the territory of being chronically ill.

I got really good news today. A couple of months ago, I submitted something I wrote on here to Focus on the Family ... and ...even though I sent them the wrong attachment (I sent them the one that was the exact copy/paste off of here ...not the one that I'd made some corrections in spelling and such) they've bought the story! YEA! I had the feeling they were going to. I told my small group 2 weeks ago that I thought they would, that the things of mine they'd rejected before they'd rejected much sooner, the things they'd bought, took longer for them to say yes. But then, it was 2 weeks later, and I still hadn't heard and I started to wonder if maybe it'd just gotten lost in cyber space.

Just when I was about to give up ... notice came! I'm so excited. This makes the 3rd thing that I've had published. The 4th thing they've said they wanted. (I really need to get that other article to the right editor! That's what is holding up the one article.)

I also found out that a friend who tried to retrieve my book off our first computer's hard drive, but failed ... just got some new software ..and was able to do so. Which means, I may actually get my devotional book to the publisher who was interested in it!

Funny how when it rains it pours ... even with blessings.

Now if I could get my joints and breast bone to pay attention to my mood ... (costrochondritis sucks!)

I've got some things brewing in my brain ...


  1. how very cool- congratulations!!!

  2. This is great congradulations!!! goodness that illness sounds like a mouthfull why is it that when it hurts they gotta make thename longer:) have a good day honey!!!

  3. May the "showers of blessing continue". You have had your fair share if dry time. (((Pk)))