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Monday, May 08, 2006

For Amelia at Life Spacings

Pearls and Dreams

I wrote this, about the day that we found out that Benjamin's brain MRI came back abnormal, and his brain hadn't developed normal ...

God Shared My Tears

When my heart was breaking,
And desperation was taking hold,
You reached down as promised,
Keeping my heart from growing cold.

You didn't lecture me,
Telling me to stand strong.
You didn't say 'fear not,'
Or tell me my faith was wrong.

I told you my heart was hurting.
My son would struggle all his life.
I could not bear the pain,
I begged you to end my strife.

You looked into my crying eyes,
Telling me to look into your heart.
You showed me that you'd hurt too,
I wasn't alone from the start!

A mother's heart can take so much
A breaking point it will reach.
Father, you understand that point,
And give comfort you don't preach!

The pain I felt, you understood,
Your only son you watched die.
My pain for my child not unique,
You share my tears,
And together we cry.

© Peggikaye Eagler

I'm praying for you Amelia.


  1. precisous *snif*, I couldn't even imagine what you went through with the worry.

  2. jus wanted ta tahnk ya fa postin this case she needed ta read it an did this mornin ya alrite dreamin, great heart ya no

  3. This is so lovely. You are so generous with your thoughts and words.