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Friday, December 10, 2004

This round is over, hopefully for life!

Pearls and Dreams
ok, it's a stage 1, which is good
normally they don't take biopsies from lymphnodes till advanced stage 2, but with the immunosuppression, they do it at stage 1

he has never seen it in a chemically, or genetically immunosuppressed person,

the only time he's seen it in the lymphnodes at stage 1 is in 2 aides paitents
BUT, theoretically, it's possible, so that's why they check
he said CDC does have cases of organ transplant patients with lymphnode involvement in stage 1,

he's never seen it

first he came at me with this funky round tube
then I heard an AWFUL SNAP
sounded like a huge staple gun (it was some machine that got the whole thing plus borders)

then he scraped with something

then he changed tools again,and I heard scraping again ...but
smelled flesh burning

I opened my eyes and saw SMOKE

he laughed and said "I said keep your eyes closed, that this is freaky!

I go back in on the 23rd for a topical chemotherapy treatment
and find out about the lymph tests
and then,
I'm done ...except for more frequent skin checks.
He says if Dr. M gets nervous about the Cellcept, he'll talk to him.

He says it's absolutely necessary I stay on the cellcept, there was evidence of lupus in some of the biopsies, so it IS in my skin, and since they don't want me on plaquenil or any other anti malarial, the Cellcept becomes absolutely necessary. He said at this point, Myers only has some control of meds, Love Dr. M, but he's so paranoid of cancer with immunosuppression!!!
end of story

Adding :
My biggest problem now, my nose hurts like the dickens!
He had me change the bandage this afternoon ... oh my GORSHGOLLYGEE that's UGLIER THAN SIN!!!

It's about as big around as a first grader's pencil eraser, and I don't know how deep, but you can see the indent through the bandage! It's BLACK from where he burned it! OH MY !

And I get keloid scars!
Sigh, better than the alternative huh?

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