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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Story poetry

Pearls and Dreams

The following story has not happened to me. But for some reason ... it haunts me ... is it prophetic? Will I come across this man? Is it symbolic? Do I ignore opportunities to share my Christ on a regular basis? What will I do when & if the opportunity presents?

A Chance to Obey
by Peggikaye Eagler

I went to the store, earlier today.
I was waiting for my things to pay.
I saw a man, all tattered and worn.
His clothes were dirty, his shirt was torn.

He stood there with his hat in his hand.
Patches showed he’d been all over the land.
A grubby beard in need of a shave.
He’d caught my eye and gave me a wave.

I quickly looked down at the things I’d bought.
Feeling guilty for having so much, I’d been caught!
I took my things and ran from the store,
After all, I’d worked hard, I deserved even more!

I went to bed with an uneasy feeling.
My dreams disturbed me, my spirit was reeling.
In my dreams that man, he’d invaded.
No matter what setting, he would not be evaded.

Never once did he put out his hand,
He did not seem to mind his pillow of sand.
He kept looking at me with questioning eyes.
He wasn’t looking at my house, car or pies.

His head it would bend off to one side.
His eyes seemed to say “what have you to hide?”
Suddenly a sadness came over him,
His expression went from curious to grim.

I peered even closer to get a better look
He held in his pocket a little black book.
He was not asking for my money to give.
But would I share my faith I say I live.

This book had some things he wanted to know
He was sure I could help him, the way I could show.
My savior was what he wanted from me.
To explain my Jesus to tell His story.

The morning sun rose like it always comes
I fixed my family breakfast, grapes and sticky buns.
I looked out the window and saw a dove.
I knew I had to share my Father’s love.

I dropped my kids off at their school.
I asked the Lord my heart today rule.
I drove back to the store, my heart in prayer.
“Lord, let me see him, help me really care!”

He was standing there, his hat in his hand.
The patches still showing he’d traveled this land.
I gave him some grapes and a sticky bun too
“I’d like to share my Jesus with you”

He listened intently then his head bowed.
My Jesus and Lord he’d accepted, he prayed out loud.
“Thank you for caring and sharing more than food,
I never thought God would take me ‘til I was good.”

He walked away from the store that day,
I knew poor or rich, he would be Okay.
I asked the Lord to forgive yesterdays askance.
And thanked Him for giving me the second chance.

© Peggikaye Eagler

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