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Thursday, December 30, 2004

thick heads are hard to convince

Pearls and Dreams
Reading some of the stuff that my doc sent me on the insulin resistance looked a bit familiar, so I pulled out my Dr. Phil's weight loss book ... I found it ... in chapter 11. He covers metabolic imbalance ... I have check marked all the things in there that apply to me ..but it still didn't get through! I still saw it as all my fault. I still heard him telling that one woman on his show who kept trying to say it was a metabolic disorder, who didn't have one, that it was all behavior and that for most people it is ...but right in his book he says :

Chapter 11, Page 260 of Dr. Phil's THE ULITMATE WEIGHT SOLUTION
Last paragraph
At this point, I hope you get that there may be biochemical and physiolocgical reasons for why you can't loose weight. It isn't a problem of eating too much. It isn't a matter of not exercising enough. It's not even a question of being emotionally weak. And it's not your fault. (bold mine)

I must be totally completely dense.

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  1. Not dense... LOL!

    Your heart had been trained to hear lies as truth.

    Bet you're glad that's all over with! ;)