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"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Saturday, December 18, 2004


Donut had finally decided to have her babies! Benjamin went to bed asking when she would finally have them, we said that we didn't know, we thought it should be before know, but obviously we'd added wrong, or had her last escape wrong. (I thought her last escape was on Samuel's birthday Oct 14 ... kitties pregnancies are typically 60 to 64 days ...the 18th is 64 days)
Shortly after midnight, I heard MEW ... MEW ... MEW ....

So far (1:44 am ... 3 kitties ... 1 gray tabby (Donut is black tabby) and 2 black black kitties. She stuck her head out from under the table once, and meowed at me rather pitifully, I didn't get up, then a few minutes later, she did it again, rather insistantly, So, I got down there, she was licking her 2, I noticed the third hanging from her, and I grabbed it, it was cold, and she pushed it away, then I put it back ..she pushed it away, so ... I remember a dog doing that when I was little and my parents putting the rejected dog in between 2 of the ones she'd accepted, and I tried that, it seems to have worked.
A bit ago, she looked at me again ... this time looked panicked and MEOWED loudly, so I got down there fast this time, she was biting on stripped something between her legs, by her tail, I went to help her pull it out ... it was her FOOT caught! I don't know if she didn't know it was her own paw, she was in a really weird position, and the kittens were nursing, I think maybe she was afraid to pull it out because she didn't know how to get it out without smashing her babies .

So then, about 10 min ago, she looks at me again, this time, not urgent, not desperate, just looks. I didn't get down (the up and down is hard for me!!!!! ... Did I tell you I fell today? .. skinned my knee in a 2'' diameter, and my knee is 1.5 inches bigger around than the other knee! So the getting down is really hurting!)
Anyway, she gave me this second look like "You know me looking at you means get down here, so DO IT!"
So ... I did it, just cause the last 2 times she really did need me and I really don't speak cat!
I get down there, stick my head under the table and she starts PURRING and sticks her nose on my nose! AWWWWWWW
(why couldn't she have had her kitties in the box like we've been trying to tell her for 3 weeks!!!!!!!!)
Anyway ... Benjamin is going to be thrilled with his 13th birthday present. I'm thrilled my kids won't miss out on the new born baby pet experience (before we get the cats spayed in February!) and in the meantime ... Donut is being such a good mommy!!!!!!!!

Oh, and yes, one of the black ones will be named Coffee!


  1. What a wonderful story! It reminds me of a story my father told, of being very poor long ago and going to sleep as a young boy with his two brothers (they all shared one bed) and his brother didn't shut the one drawer of their dresser all the way. When they woke up in the morning, they had found out that their cat had had kittens in the open drawer!

    Hope your son enjoyed the extra birthday gift!

  2. Oh how fun! I had a cat when I was a teen that just insisted that her kittens were drawer kittens LOL

    I know our pet population is over populated, and WAY too many animals are put to sleep every year, but I still can't help but be sad that kids of today's generation don't get the joy of having a pet have babies.

    Part of me REALLY wishing that Donut had stayed inside until we could get the little 'hussy' spayed GRIN and part of me is thrilled my cat got to experience the joy of a pet having babies.

    I did see something on a website about spaying a pet that used "but I want my kid to experience ... " and they suggested being a 'foster parent' to a pregnant cat or dog. I thought "WHAT A GREAT IDEA"

    A bit late for us LOL ... but ... great none the less.

    Thanks for telling me about your dad's story, brought a smile to my face!

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