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Monday, December 06, 2004

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams
I just got this email from my mom, forwarded to her from one of my cousins, it was from my Aunt (my uncle was my mom's brother and he died in 1978, we lost touch with Aunt Pat in 1980's)

I'm heart sick. I can't help from here. I can't donate because I'm too sick, not that Don would let me anyway ..coarse, I wouldn't let him stop me ...

Hi Tami- Just wanted to let you know that Ken is in Salem Hosp. He has acute Leukemia. He was not feeling very good and he had a girlfriend he was going to marry and so they did last Tues. On Wed he got sicker and went to the Hosp. They called him back after he got home and told him he had it and admitted him. He has already had a bone marrow test, surgery to put a shunt in to get his kemo, and two blood tranfusions. He will be there for quite awile. Dennis or Kathy may have to be tested to see if they can give him some good bone marrow and if so that will be done in Portland. We don't know yet. They will try the Kemo and tranfussions first. By the way the girl he married is really nice and her name is Michelle too, That gives me 2 daughter-in-laws with that name. Funny huh? She has a 10 yr. old daughter named Kellie too. She is a business manager at GMAC and seems to be on top of things there. He can't have too many visitors because they are afraid he will get something from them and get even sicker. I have a bad cold so couldn't go if I wanted. Please say alot of prayers and let the others know for me. Love Ya, Aunt Pat

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