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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams
So it's NOT diabetes ... but it is
Autoimmune Insulin Resistance ... or Insulin Resistance type B (not the kind that comes with PCOS or type 2 diabetes).

OK, I haven't really learned much about it yet
it puts me at high risk for heart attack, stroke, adult onset type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, peripheral neuropathy (already have that)


weight gain or inability to loose weight inspite of reduced caloric intake
high cholesterol inspite of dietary changes

That's all the information the doc emailed me so far ..and that's all that I've found about it on line ... they treat it with diabetes medications.

My brain is having a hard time wrapping around this one ...
You read so much, hear so many docs on the morning news shows, Dr. Phil, experts on Oprah etc say that most people's obesity is related soley to their habits and that it is very rare to have a metabolic disorder that causes it.

I've been told by my nutritionist and eating disorder counselor and eating disorder psychiatrist that I'm doing everything right ...that the weight isn't coming off because of metabolism ... but I didn't believe them ... i mean ..all the experts that have written books say that it doesn't happen ... it's always your fault ..it's your behaviors, what you eat, what you don't exercise ..what you do ... what you don't do ...

but this test ...shows ... that my eating disorder treatment team is right


It's a fairly serious diagnosis from a physical standpoint, especially with lupus and MG already ...but from a psychological point of view ... it's probably a really good one.

I see the endocrinologist on February 7th, which sounded like a long time, but is really only 6 weeks out. I see my primary doc next week. I'm having an EMG on the 17 to find out how bad the peripheral neuropathy has gotten in my hands and feet. (I thought it was no big deal, the rheumatologist had specifically asked me about peripheral neuropathy and told me I HAD to tell my neuro, he got a bit alarmed). I see the ortho doc on the 12th to check my knee from when I fell on the 17th ...

Adding on ...
What is Insulin Resistance?Insulin resistance is a decreased ability to use insulin to transport glucose into the body’s cells where it is needed for energy production. The pancreas tries to compensate for the cells’ glucose deprivation by producing more insulin.
Insulin resistance is an impaired metabolic response to our body's own insulin so that active muscle cells cannot take up glucose as easily as they should. In that situation, the blood insulin levels are chronically higher which inhibits our fat cells from giving up their energy stores to let us lose weight.

I still can't get over
It's not my fault.


  1. Believe it, girl!

    Think of how much energy you've freed up... not blaming yourself anymore.

    His hand has guided, even through this. I pray that His direction would be clear and His healing swift.

  2. I'm still in kind of awe over it ...

    Thank you so much for your kind comments!

    Funny, 2 weeks ago, I was freaking out that I might have diabetes and they'd MAKE me eat, and relapse is no longer an option ...

    and the real problem ...

    is something that's going to help my recovery process not hinder it or back me into a corner ...

    God really really is good.

    I heard Phillips Craig and Dean singing Mercy Came Running on the radio today ... and I just about had to stop driving ...


  4. I couldn't help but think of the "Cosby Show" episode where Cliff and Claire discover that their son Theo has a learning disorder -- and they're practically beside themselves, because this means that Theo's struggles in school aren't the result of laziness or apathy. They, too, were excited because it wasn't Theo's fault!

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