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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

Today is my 17th anniversary. It has been a miserable day. I didn't really expect any less, but still, that really is beside the point.

Don came to bed at 3:10 am (normal time for him to come to bed, doesn't normally bother me, but he normally doesn't wake me up, and even if he does, I just go right back to sleep) but this time, he had to make a point of saying "Happy Anniversary" which was enough to actually WAKE me up. Which was enough to make it quite impossible to for me to go back to sleep. Too late for me to take medication for me to go back to sleep, since I had an 8 am doctor appointment, and since I do not sleep without artificial help ..well, I was awake, for the day.

About 4:30, I finally got tired of tossing and turning and staying in bed was more painful than getting up would be, so I got up.

I went to my doctor's appointment, which took significantly longer than what I'd expected to. I had to go to the dermatologist, expected my typical annual check of my sunworshippers moles and sent on my way, possibly rescheduled to have a removal of one or two, but no, the doctor insisted on removing FOUR right then and there. In the 8 years I've gone to him, he's never removed anything THAT day, and certainlly never removed something on a 'non proceedure day'. So I was a bit in shock, not to mention sore when I got home.

My husband wanted me to go out for coffee with him, when I said "Why?" he said "because it's our anniversary" and I said but I'm tired and I wanted to rest, he said "well, if you don't go now, then we're not going out to dinner later"
Ok, that makes sense, I have to go out now, so then I won't have the strength or energy to go out later (to which he'd be severely offended over trust me!)

He makes these rude, off the cuff smart elic remarks all the time, and doesn't mean them. When he came home from going out for coffee, he did some laundry, so I assumed he'd 'gotten over it' and was washing clothes so that he'd have some for going out for dinner.

I make dinner for the kids, and go in and tell him it's getting late what time does he want to get up to go for dinner and he says "I told you about that Peggi"

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