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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Year in Review

My friend "Mr. Snuffy" (sorry Snuffy, couldn't resist) had this on his blog, and I thought it was a terrific idea. So, I stole it. Here is the first post from each month in 2006.

I didn't post in January, because I had no computer at the time ... so I will start in February ...
February 2006 ... Home again Home Again, Jiggity Jig
March 2006 ... Ramblings
April 2006 ... I posted 2 times ... I promise and Saturday Afternoon
May 2006 ...Swamp Plant and Cactus Revisited (this, and it's original, are amoung my favorite things I've ever written!EVER.
June 2006 ... Pearls and Dreams
July 2006 ..Freedom (ok, so the FIRST post was a bunch of silly quiz galaxy quiz results, BUT both were on July 1st, so this counts ...right?)
August 2006 ...Complications (you know, if I'd not blogged in 2006 ...I'd not have known I had bad days last year!!! The memories, are all good ones!
September 2006 ... This Weekends Dedicated Posts Tribute to the MDA and an explination of why I, Peggikaye qualify as a 'Jerry's Kid'
October 2006 ...Whoops
November 2006 ... Book Meme I can Live WithI actually tagged myself with this Meme!
December 2006 ...:) I was smiling, because it was the day my book went to print, and it's already out! WOW.
And so ended, the best year of my entire life! The funny thing is ... We expect it to just get better from here.

Thanks for blogging along!


  1. I believe it will continue to be the best time of your life. ((PK))

  2. I did e-mail you about that upcoming conference. Hope you can make it!