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Friday, January 05, 2007

Prayers ... Please ... now!

Several months ago, I posted and asked for prayers for a little girl. Kylie.

Kylie is the baby of a friend of mine. At the time, she was 17 months old and had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. A rare tumor Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT). It's not a good diagnosis. The prognosis ...is never good when a baby has this tumor.

My heart broke as my dear friend, pregnant, going through a divorce, raising a 10 year old son, had to face this ugly monster in her beautiful daughter's brain.

As time has gone by ... I haven't posted much. Partly, because, it's her story, not mine. Partly, because ...I haven't really had to ask desperately for prayers often.

ATRT tumors give kids a 10% chance of survival ...and well ... every circumstance for Kylie ...has seemingly placed her IN the 10% category. It does appear that she is going to be in the 10% ...if we can survive the treatment ...she will most likely beat this cancer.

Things like ...one of the reasons that brain cancer is sooo hard to fight ...is that blood supply doesn't reach the tumor.
One of the reasons that they could not remove the 100% of the tumor ...was because ... it was on a blood supply!!!!!!!! Meaning ... Chemotherapy ...goes straight to the tumor!

After just 2 treatments ...her tumor had shrunk in half. UNHEARD of progress!

She's had complications. It's possible, that she'll loose her eye, because of damage to a nerve in the brain surgery. Infections galore. Predinsone moon face ... oh my it's been a rough ride.

But ...the treatments ... ARE WORKING! The tumor is SHRINKING! She's surviving.

But, today ... we need your prayers ... Despereately ...please.

Kyliegirl is now almost 2. This month. Her mamma called me today. She's got an infection in her bile. She had to have another surgery to put a drain in her stomach. Today a lung collapsed.

So far, they've kept her out of ICU. They've kept her off of life support. They're not sure if they can keep it that way. Mamma, is really scared. I'm really worried about my girls (Teresa ..mamma and Kylie girl).

Her baby brother was born in October ...and this week, Teresa finally asked her mom to take the baby home with her, because it was too much, she needed to give her attention to just Kyliegirl.

Please pray ...with everything in you ...pray. For Kylie, for Teresa ... for all of them.


  1. I will add her to my list. The power of prayer is AMAZING.

  2. consider it done......

    BTW Part 3 of "Wolfden Bar and Grill" is up...check out my blog to see what you are up to in this episode...


  3. My prayers are definitely with them PK.how hard for her to send the baby home with Grandma. But how beautiful and giving for her to do it for her daughter.

    May God watch over them all.