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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More praying needed

I was eating a late dinner tonight. I was planning on calling Teresa to check on Kylie girl when we got done. Just as we started to eat, the phone rang. I assumed it was for one of the boys, so I didn't even move to answer it.

It wasn't, it was for me. A lady from church called. One of the teenagers from church, who now is away at college has been in a BAD accident. He's in critical condition. He has major head injuries, a lacerated liver and broken ribs. He's in his sophomore year in college, so he's got to be like 18, 19, maybe 20 at the most.

The heartbreaking thing, his older brother, when he was close to the same age, was shot, and paralyzed. His mom, now has to deal with this. She has 2 sons. Please pray for them, all of them.

They are trying to get mom onto a plane to GA now. If you're a medical type person in GA who happens to visit this blog, and you just happen to have had a kid this age by the name of Zach who came in this shape ... please ...please PLEASE take good care of this boy! He's a good kid! Lots of people back here in Oklahoma love him.

I have more I plan on posting, but it's late, so it will have to wait for another day.

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