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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

Liz ... tagged me (gee thanks ;) ..)

5 things you don't know about me.

1. My favorite pet fish is illegal in Oklahoma. It's the piranha. (no, not kidding)

2. My kindergarten report card said that I had an interest in stories, poems and books.

3. I love spiders. We'd have a pet tarantula, if I thought it would survive Benjamin ... and Sugarfoot and Twitch. In that order.

4. I also love pet rats. We don't have them, because of the immunosuppressant meds I'm on and ...again, the cats.

5. If I wasn't afraid of contacts, I would get brown contacts to cover my blue eyes.

Now, I was also .. kind of, but not really tagged by Artemis ..who said she wasn't tagging me, but wanted to know what my answers were to the meme that FD started (Way to go FD!!! Good MEME!!!) not sure how this doesn't count as tagging ...but ... here we go ...

favorite musicals for 2007

So, I'm supposed to list my favorite musicals.
Some, are going to be known ..and others, not so known. I didn't know if I was supposed to do just stage musicals or stage and movie musicals, so I did both.

1. Oklahoma
2. Sound of Music
3. Music Man
4. Four Tickets To Christmas (Christmas Musical, Broadway style my church put on a few years back ... I was Cornelia Washborne ...if you would like to see a picture of me in full 1905 costume ...email me at PearlsOfAnEagle@aol.com)
5. Wizard of Oz
6. Christmas Post (another broadway style musical I was in with my church)
7. Caberet
8. Annie Get Your Gun
9. Unsinkable Molly Brown
10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
11. A Chorus Line

Ok ... stopping now ...

I am going to tag a couple of people *grin*
Deneice ... Wanda ... Moof ... Cathy ... Neuronursechic


  1. Wishing you a wonderful 2007!

    Pirhannas and spiders creep me OUT!


  2. Well you sneaky little lady, you! *LOL*

    Which one do you want me to do? Word of warning - I don't think I'm qualified to do the musical one ... *cough* ... I've seen only seen the standard ones (Sound of Music when I was an adolescent, South Pacific when I was 17, and of course, the Wizard of Oz ... that's about it ... *blink*)

    I might be able to come up with stuff for the first Meme though ... let me know! :o)

    Have a happy New Year! :o)

  3. Happy New Year One and All!

    Moof ... I meant the second one, but neuronursechic did both *grin*

    TJ ..I hope your New Year is just fantastic!