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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How DARE she!! ;)

Pearls and Dreams

Difficult Patient tagged me!!! HMPH!

I have to write stories using 6 words ... only six. No more, no less. Um ... DP ...you do realize that my typical article that I send out for publication is like 1500 words, and I have to work really hard to keep blog posts under 1000 right??? Geesh.

Ok ... let's go ... true stories.

1. Daddy singing, daughter listening, hymn remembered.
2. Kids tease mercilessly, Daddy hugs child.
3. Scribbled words, mother smiles, shows friends.
4. Nightmares, choatic past tangles future fears.
5. Rhyming words, pen flows freely, necessary.
6. Daddy hugs, daughter smiles, Daddy gone.
7. Grown up world scares, self destruct.
8. Homecoming court, unattainable dream, happens anyway.
9. Marriage comes, marriage goes, marriage comes.
10. Children beautiful, sick, wonderful, proud mom.
11. Body fails early, life is scary.
12. Faces childhood nightmares, not easy, run.
13. Works to change, life can't stay.
14. Things will change, things will love.
15. Life rollercoaster ride, pay the man!

Ok ..so I cheated ... my 6 sentences to tell a story, told an individual story ...but also told my story over time.

that was really interesting. I wasn't going to tag anyone ...but that was really really interesting. DP only did 6, I was only going to do 5, then kept going.

I'm going to tag a few people but if you don't want to do it, I understand.
Artemis, Dr. Deb, Fat Doctor and of coarse ...Wanda ;)


  1. It's a fun meme, isn't it?

    1 2 3 4 5 6!

  2. I just learned that this is a contest over at http://difficultpt.blogspot.com/2007/01/story-in-six-words.html.

  3. ooops, I mean http://middlezonemusings.blogspot.com/2007/01/group-project-1-briefs-no-boxers.html, LOL

  4. 1. I awakened easily this cold morning.
    2. Cats purring for food and milk.
    3. Pushing their little faces into mine.
    4. Salmon with rice and peas, please.
    5. Two percent milk does the trick.
    6. Then off to wake my daughter.
    7. She awakens in a snap as well.
    8. She has a really big test today.
    9. Soon she is off on the bus.
    10. Then time to wake my hubby.
    11. Coffee, eggs, toast and a goodbye.
    12. It's time for me to choose.
    13. Back to bed for a nap?
    14. Or jump into a warm shower?
    15. A late morning nap clearly wins!