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Friday, June 02, 2006

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

Today, I had an enjoyable day. I went to physical therapy ..and came home to a shocking message on my machine. We'll skip that.

I talked with Wanda for a few minutes, then she came over and she and I went for a walk .. and we chatted while we walked. We went out for a diet pop after the walk, then we went and did some minor shopping. We had a lot of girl talk. Accomplishing knocking out a few birds with just one stone. Both of us had assignements given to us by our pastor ..and by spending this time together today ... we managed to do it. AND have fun in the doing. Not a bad Use of time!

Wanda thinks I opened up a little, I think I spilled my guts wide open ... and dove in head first ... guess it's a matter of perspective.

At any rate, it was a thoroughly enjoyable time and we plan on having fun getting fit together and knocking down some of my opening up issues ...In addition to what you've seen unfold on my blog, I also emailed my father last night and said "Enough. The tornado will stop, or I won't be in it's path anymore."

It has been a rather exhausting 48 hours. Wanda says 3 bricks have fallen off my wall ... I swear a bomb has knocked the whole thing down ... I shall survive, but for now, I think I'm going to rest a while before trying to pull off another brick, at least a few days!


  1. PK today was great. Maybe your wall is only six bricks. lol. Fit and fun what a combination.

  2. Maybe ten??? LOL it takes a little time to knock them down... don't push yourself to much:) Just enough to keep you going...

  3. You really sound 'good' to me.

    Your voice is clear and you seem to have some energy about you.


    Have a good rest.


  4. So, Pearlie, you're six bricks shy of a full wall?

    Or weren't you speaking figuratively? ;p

  5. "Enough. The tornado will stop or I won't be in its path anymore." You really have a way with words--powerful! I really like your "Enough" poem, too. Keep writing!