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Monday, November 06, 2006

Sigh my babies

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Three kittens, two females, one male. Approximately 15 weeks old. We're moving and can't take them with us. We own...


  1. why cant you take them with you??? its YOUR house isnt it???

  2. Yes, but 5 cats would destroy a brand new house, in very short order.

    Not to mention the expense of taking proper care of 5 cats would take most of our income.

    Sigh. I did find a very good home for Belle and Irwin, almost immediately.

    If I could have hand picked a home, I couldn't have done better.

    A homeschooled family, a little girl for Belle, a little boy for Irwin. Belle went straight to the little girl and snuggled right into her.

    The mother and I hit it off and they promised to keep in touch.

    We are keeping Twitch and Sugarfoot. (who we finally got fixed) but we still need to find a home for Betsy. Three cats are still too many and still too expensive to keep.

    Oh, when we got Sugarfoot fixed last week ...she was pregnant again ... and this time ...it was FIVE kittens ... geeshopeep!

  3. Thanks for sharing all your good news with us. I love to see good things happening to good people. It helps my heart not hurt so much.

    Thanks for reading my last post. I know it must have been a doosie to get through. I appreciate you and just wanted to come over and give you a hug. ((((PK))))

  4. Two down and one to go. They are sweet anyway. Poor Twitch. He be lonely again.

  5. He's totally depressed now. He's figured out they're not coming back.

    Sugarfoot, has finally figured out they're missing. She's desperately trying to find them. He's very annoyed with her.

    Betsy hasn't moved from where she's been laying for the last several hours.

    We have one group of depressed cats!