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Friday, November 10, 2006

48 hours and counting

We are on count down at this point. Everything we do in this house seems to be on a "we don't have to do this very many more times...." Every afternoon, the boys and I watch the reruns of the Reba show. They show the Reba/Habitat/whirpool commercial. Everytime they show it, I get teary eyed ... and each day ...the tears get bigger. When Reba says that a key is precious metal ... oh my goodness ... it might be a sappy commerical ...but to me ...it's soo true.

I found a website for one of the churches that had been taking pictures from start to finish. I think, this picture, says it all.
Don and I

Thank you Heritage United Methodist church in Broken Arrow for putting up those pictures!!

Tonight is small group ... I'm even comparing that with my new house. Next time, we'll have to drive from Broken Arrow and it won't be so close! Isn't that cool? :D

Tonight's small group we're going to discuss Worship. I'm going to be teaching the youth group, high schoolers this time. So, I'm going to get some feed back from small group to use in my lesson ... some benchmark ideas.

I hope Sunday's weather is better than today. It's kind of dreary ...windy, cold. Icky. I don't know if it's rained or not. I took a long nap because my body responded to the cold front that swooped down over us. We were in the 80's the last 2 days.

Wednesday, I went into church and had to face my biggest fear ...actually, it's not a fear. It's a phobia. It's beyond fear into irrational fear. Which, would be a phobia, Right?

I walked into church (Wanda, stop laughing at me) and I let out a loud scream, and jumped, and then ..according to Wanda, I started to dance. I did not stop shaking until I went to bed that night.

What caused the reaction ... a snake. There was a HUGE SNAKE IN THE DOORWAY of the church ... HUGE I TELL YA! ok, so it was about a foot long and the thickness of a pencil ... but hey ... black and white stripes ... uglier than sin!!!!

I stepped on the thing. I guess, from what Wanda said, I made it mad. It danced as much as I did. One of our male praise and worship leaders, who's worked very hard on our house, was walking in behind us, and he saved us from torture worse than death.
He threw the thing back into the grass ... ewww.

What was worse ..driving down the expressway on Thursday ...going to therapy, I notice that the consruction crew is looking at the highway and pointing. Word of advice. If there is something that catches the attention of a construction crew ..and you have an unrational fear ...don't look ...
in the middle of the expressway ..slithering along the road was ... truly a LARGE snake! EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW

Two times in 24 hours.

It's NOVEMBER! We live in the CITY ... why are these creatures tormenting me! I don't care if it was 85 degree's outside ... ACK!!!!!!!!!!

ewwie ick!


  1. You danced like a pro! lol The snake was icky! They should be gone now that it is cold again!

  2. Did you choose the Groucho Marx quote or is it just random?
    Best wishes

  3. beatiful pic pk.. so very beatiful!!! as for the snakes.. i live in the country.. I scream like the girl i am and cry for daddy to come get the little bugger... which he does..;)

  4. Beautful smiles, beautiful home.
    Very, very happy for you! :)