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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prayer for a Fruitful Home

Prayer For A Fruitful Home
By Peggikaye Eagler

Every Morning as we begin our day,
May Godly Love guide each word we say.

Regardless of what the day may bring,
May Joy be the song that our hearts sing.

When trials threaten to overwhelm,
May God’s Peace be at our hearts helm.

When time is flying and money tight,
May Patience reign instead of fright.

Help us to always put others ahead,
May we remember, by Kindness be led.

No matter what we see in those around,
May Goodness in our lives abound.

When in dark times, we may not see the way,
May Your call to Faithfulness be our stay.

When life around seems to make us stumble,
May Your Gentleness keep us humble.

And finally Lord, but not the least,
May Self Control rule, in famine or feast.

Galatians 5:22&23
Dedicated to the Habitat for Humanity Class, May 2004.

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