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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Party is over :)

Happy sigh ...

The house warming is finally over. It was a wonderful time.

We weren't sure how we were going to do the gifts, but we had planned on letting a few people get there, and our hostess get things settled in before we started to open ... but my mom got there and just started to insist that we get hers opened right then and there. Oh well ... it was a come and go ... so ... might as well ... after I got over the annoyance of her not paying any attention to the fact that she'd just walked in and pushed her way into the center of attention ... I got over it and started to open the gifts. Her gifts, were really beautiful ... but what was most touching is that she and my father went in together to buy the gifts! Considering that they've been divorced since I was born (literally) it is quite remarkable. I've never had a gift from both my mother and my father before.
To me, this was quite important, she kept trying to push to the fact that she picked out the gifts with my sister Debbie ... to me ... they were important that it was from her and my dad. Ahh ... my mom ...
What they got for me was some absolutely beautiful paintings for our house.

I also got the bedroom set that I wanted, and several other things that I will post in another post. When my nephew sends pictures I will try to give a more detailed post of this is what we got.

My most treasured things ... were ... the framed art from my parents ... and a really special painting from my dear friend Wanda ...from Wanda's Wings !!! Oh my gosh you bloggers! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so touched by how wonderful it is! I was hoping to get a Wanda original ...and I'd seen how talented she was. I didn't realize that she was THAT good ... and she had it beautifully framed too!! The other things that I had asked for on my registry that were major decorating center pieces for the house ... a mat for the kitchen that was what picked the whole house color theme .. a shower curtain in the bathroom and the bedroom set ... were all chosen!

Also, the kids ministry at church bought us the programmable coffee maker! YEA MAN!

The funny thing ... most of the wrapping paper ... in purple ... of coarse.

The party itself ...decorated rather elegantly in the beautiful fall colors that I like so much.

More ...when I can think more clearly and have pictures to share.

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