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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Honesty of Children

I was stopping at the store to pick up some cold relief medicine ... so I could feel a little better. I've caught a nasty cold. It might be allergies flaring from packing and such. Either way, it's not good and it's pulled the rug right out from under me.
I feel like a skunk in the middle of the road that's been ran over.

I'm standing in line, and I'm thinking about just how happy I am in life right now.

My new house. My new marriage. My kids ... as much as they drive me nuts ... I've really got great kids. Benjamin is 14, almost 15 ...and all that comes with ... but he really is a good kid. In the grand scheme of things ... my kids ... are really terrific kids.

So I'm standing there and the song "I'm on the top of the world looking out on creation ..." hits me ... and I smile.

Well ... I'm sick.

And this little girl walks by

and she's about 4 or 5. Might be kindergarten ...maybe k4 age ... and she says to her mommy ....

Look at the cranky old lady mommy ... why isn't she happy?

The mom ... was mortified at how loud the little girl said it.

I was looking around for the cranky old lady.

There was only one lady around ... me.


I paid for my stuff and walked out to the car ...looked into the mirror ... and saw the cranky old woman ... yep ... I look like the skunk that's been ran over in the middle of the road ...



  1. Peggikaye ... I wanted to stop in, and let you know that I'm still alive ...

    I'm sorry I've been so "absent" ... but I hope to get back to my old blogging schedule after Thanksgiving.

    Thinking of you ... wishing you well in the many changes going on in your life.

    {{{ hugs! }}}

  2. Achoo...I can still relate. I have tissue boxes all over...my room, the living room, my desk and my car.

    Hope you are feeling better today! Did you go to the MD?

  3. hmm kids say the darndest things... hugs