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Monday, August 14, 2006

Wash N Curl

Pearls and Dreams

I recieved the hard copy of the contract for the book today!! It will be mailed tomorrow. I will be on my way to being a published author, not just a free lance writer!

Well ... my hair was plenty curly, and ...it was still curly when I woke up this morning and stayed curly through my work out, till I came home and washed it out. Not bad. Guess it works! It also only cost $3.49, so really not a bad experiment. My cats love the smell of it, one of them wants to eat my hair ...um, not good.

I'm still extremely tired and dragging. Not sure I have my perky back. I did go do my work out. I was furious with my PT, he made me back everything in half! Half the repititions, half the weight! Excuse me? I was only doing 6 lbs at 6 repititions! So down to 3 lbs and 3 repetitions ...growl. I wasn't happy.
We will be talking tomorrow, yes, tomorrow.

I have a pain in my thigh ... it really hurts. It's deep in my thigh ... in the muscle. Most of my pains are joint, tendon, ligegment, joint ..connective tissue type pain ... this is deeeeeep in the muscle ...about 5 inches about the knee. The last time I had this kind of pain, it was a blood clot in my arm from the port that I had for IVIG therapy. But, I'm not seeing any kind of color changes in my leg that are making me think blood clot ...just the pain, throbbing, deep ..painful ... ouchy!

I do see neuro tomorrow, and I will mention it to him.
Amoung other things.

Samuel starts school on Thursday, homeschooling begins again for Bj. House ...should begin in September.
Things are moving ahead ... :D


  1. Congratulations on getting your book published. I do envy you. I have been trying for years to get published. Is your book fiction or nonfiction?

    Take a look at my site: www.nicholasborelli.com

    Do you have a literary agent?


    Nick Borelli

  2. It is a devotional book, so it would be non fiction.

    Thank you very much. Good luck on getting yours published. No, I don't have an agent.

  3. I have been wondering how you are feeling. Let us know what your dr. says tomorrow. I also was wondering about that curl n wash shampoo. I guess I'll try to now...:)

  4. oooo if you do, you have to let me know what you think!

    I'm also going to ask him for a longer acting form of mestinon. I used to have it, for convience sake, then because of limited number of scripts on medicaid, I stopped ...now with medicare D ... i'm no longer limited ... so, I'm going to ask him for the Mestinon and the mestinon timespan.
    It will mean messing with my dosing and finding a new normal again. Hopefully, he'll be willing to mess with it while I'm not at my peak.

    He also may decide this is a prime time to mess with it.

    I do wish this pain in my leg would stop. It feels like someone is taking my thigh and wringing it out like a wet wash cloth!

  5. good luck tomorrow..I hope the doctor is able to give you some answers....cheers...and again congratulations on your book.

  6. ok now i have to try the curl and wash LOL....

    take care of yourself ok..


    and congrats on the contract!!!