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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Schedule :Broken Arrow Apostles Build

Pearls and Dreams

Broken Arrow Apostles Build
dates subject to change because of weather or labor (early or late)

September 8 Day Before Chalk floor plan, remove slab forms.

September 9 Day One Wall Raising Ceremony, first official day.
Frame and Sheath exterior walls, finish interior walls; top plates; plumb/brace.

September 16 Day Two Set trusses; sub facia; Install sheetrock nailers and stiffbacks; Intstall outside offit nailers; start decking

September 23 Day Three Finish decking; gable soffit; roofing metal edges; start roofing; o/s doors; install blueboard; set windows; build porch

September 30 Day Four Finish roofing; start vinyl siding

October 7 Day Five
Interior wall insulation; vinyl siding; set porch posts

October 14 Day Six Finish vinyl siding; set porch railings (Samuel's 17th Birthday! What a birthday parth hey?)

October 21 Day Seven Set interior doors; start trim; Install closets and shelves; start interior and exterior painting

October 28 Day Eight Continue Painting; set cabinets, stain cabinets, sand and prime floors, start shed

November 4 Day Nine Set formica tops; install vinyl floor; finish painting; finish & paint and shed

November 11 Day Ten Install misc. hardware; final clean- up; lay sod

November 18 Day Eleven Landscape finish all misc. details

If a few of the churches get together we can work a couple of thursdays or friday's so that we're finished before November 18! Drove by today, they poured the slab. We are definitely on our way!!


  1. It's happening PK, it really is!...:)

  2. That is too cool for words!!!

  3. OHHH wow i can't wait for pics.. how very exciting!!!

  4. What a great timeline! I agree, can't wait for the pictures to begin appearing :)