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Monday, August 14, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

I need a favor ...if you go to church, and your church has a website ...would you give me the link to your churches website, either on here, or email it to me at
PearlsOfAnEagle at aol dot com I have been asked to help our churches web design team in doing some of the writing on the website.

It was suggested that I look at other church websites.

so, I need to go church website surfing.


  1. I'm not exactly sure how helpful my churches website will be for what you need. But here it is http://www.wesleyfresno.org/

    Hope it helps a little. :-)

  2. Hi! Check out my church's site. gslchurch dot org. Hope it helps you some.

    Loved reading about the family and the construction of their new house. What an awesome team building project!