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Friday, August 04, 2006

Don't mess with me! *sweet smile*

Pearls and Dreams

The vaccination records are still a mess.

However, the pressure is off.

I recieved a call today from the district we're going to. "The transfer has been approved, we're excited to recieve this young man!"

We talked about the shot record situation, that my copy was water damaged in a water pipe break, and that what our doctor has is missing some records as well as what the school has (which, doesn't make any sense either ..evidently the state records are missing some)

However, all we have to do now is wait a week for the nurse to go into her office at the district we've been in ... so that we can get the hard copy of what I enrolled him with 2 years ago.

She said it was unusual for transfers to be approved before the enrollment ..but an administrator, named Mr. N from the leaving district stepped in today and pushed the paperwork.

It is good to have friends in high places! The same friend who's name got Benjamin some respect last fall. I'd just casually emailed his wife an email last night ...about midnight ... mostly to say ... geesh the summers gone by and we haven't seen each other ...here's my family update ...oh, here's a prayer need ..and what's your prayer needs.

She tells hubby, hubby goes to work and gets Samuel's situation fixed.

She hasn't even answered my email! :)

Mr. N was once a youth pastor at our church and was Samuel's accountability partner ... he and Samuel are very close and he is very very interested in Samuel's educational future and what is best for Samuel.

It is good to have friends in high places. *grin*


  1. way to go ... Mr. N!!!!!

    That is sooo cool that he was able to do that!!!


  2. oh how nice
    to have it pretty much settled.