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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Broken Arrow Apostles Build

Habitat for Humanity
Build Project

Habitat Family Partner
Donald and Peggikaye Eagler

Donald and Peggikaye are the parents of 16 year old Samuel and 14 year old Benjamin.
Donald and Peggikaye are disabled, although, fortunately, neither needs a wheelchair.
They have completed a rigorous program of 450 hours of sweat equity, completed 10 months of Money Management classes and attended more than eight Home Buyer Workshops in preparations for home ownerships. (we did 9).
Through determination and faith (and prayers) they have finally achieved their dream of ownership.
Broken Arrow Apostles Build
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. When will construction begin?
A. We have tentatively set the wall raisting for Saturday, September 9, to coincide with the International Building on Faith Week - September 10 -17th.
Q. How long will construction take?
A. On average 8 to 10 weeks, although bad weather could extrend the project to 12 weeks.
Q. Where is the homebuilding site?
A. 616 S. Cedar St. Broken Arrow (not sure on the street, our sign on lot says Ave not St.)
Q. How will we recieve information before and during the building process?
A. We ask each church to have a project coordinator who will be our point of contact throughout the process.
Q. Is there an age limit for youth who want to participate?
A. Youth must be at least 16 to participate.
Q. What days of the week will we work?
A. Construction takes place on Saturdays. If a church has volunteers available on a Friday we may be able to schedule a workday if a construction supervisor is available.
Q. How many volunteers will we need to send?
A. That will depend on the number of churches participating. If we have 12 Apostle churches, each will only be required to send 2 to 3 volunteers each week. 25 is an ideal number on site at one time. Congregations may choose to split the day into morning and afternoon shifts to accomodate more volunteers.
Q. Can our church participate even if we were not able to raise the $1,000 tithe?
A. Absolutely! we beleive that your congregation will benifit greatly from this experience and we encourage all churches to participate at some level.
Q. What is the deadline to participate on this project?
A. To accomodate the scheduling process, we need a commitment by the end of August.
Q. We have members with specialized experience (for instance landscaping) that would like to volunteer during that phase of the building project. Is that possible?
A. Yes, we will be developing a tentative construiction schedule that you can use to determin when those activities will occur, and have a weekly contact person with your designed Project Coordinator throughout the Project.
We, are on our way.
September 9th ... come build with me ... grab a hammer!! :D
Edit: My sister called this afternoon to say there were some holes and a storage building on the lot that my nephew got some pictures of. (as well as a few golf balls, we're evidently taking someone's golf practice lot!) So, when I went to pick up Samuel from school, we drove by to see the holes ... When we turned the corner, there was a cement truck ...and all the rebar sticking up out of the ground. Just as we turned the corner to stop and look in front of our lot, the very first of the cement for our foundation came out of the cement truck! We 'just happened' to get to see the very first of the foundation pour out of the truck and onto our lot. It was soo cool!!! Praise God!! I was so excited that he let me see the start of the project. I had both boys with me!










  1. pk, I'm so happy for you and your family. It is becoming a reality finally. Just think you should be in your new home before the holidays.. I'm excited for you...

  2. This is really wonderful and that it is finally happening. I regularly contribute to Habitat for Humanity. Jimmy Carter is someon I admire greatly.

    BTW, I can't find the tag you tagged me with. lol.


  3. wow how cool is that Im so happy foryou!!1 way to go...

  4. Good things keep coming. It couldn't happen to better people.

  5. It's really happening isn't it? It's very exciting and I'm so happy for you!

    If I only said on my blog and forgot to say here, thanks so much for the links. You're a sweet person.