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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

September 11 Tribute

Pearls and Dreams


On September 11 bloggers all over the internet will be paying tribute to individual people lost in the tragedy. Please join us so that not one person is left out of the tribute. If you go to this site, then it explains how and why this is being done and will assign you someone to pay tribute to. In the meantime, I will be learning all I can to pay tribute to Michael Edward Gould to do justice to the tribute I'm writing.


  1. Thanks Peggikaye...

    Danny Carlton has developed a code that you can add to the sidebar of your blog too.

    He is loading pictures of the victims of 9/11. Every time your page loads a new picture comes up.

    I can't get Blogger to cooperate, AGAIN, and so I haven't been able to successfully add it to my sidebar.

    Here is where the code is:


  2. Thank you TJ .. I will try to get that up sometime before the weekend.

  3. Something really weird happened when I went to this site. One of those serendipity things that I don't understand. I started scrolling through the unassigned names to see who I'd "sponsor," and I stopped in my tracks at a victim who has the same name as my father! I burst into tears and had to do some grounding techniques to calm myself down. I tried to understand what all the emotion was about. Not sure. Just the tragedy of life, I guess.

    Anyway, while I have my nerve up, I want to ask you two favors: One, would you link to me? Two, would you go to the post I have up on my blog right now and tell me what you think? It's about stopping the silence and sharing secrets. You're courage in sharing has inspired me and I'd really value your opinion. Thanks in advance!