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Friday, August 18, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

Last week my mom took me to a Christian Concert ...Andy Shust. We ran into my niece. Her friend took this picture

We noticed a distinct lack of family resemblance ...NOT.

We are all very happy to have this picture.

I want plastic surgery on my arms :/

Tonight ... I got to hear Mike Warnke ... I'd heard him quite a bit when I was a teenager and young adult. Sooo fun. My kids love him.

Warrior Ministries honored my kids, both of them. It was really neat. I'll have to put tomorrow what the plaques said tomorrow because I can't get to them right now without drawing attention to me doing it right now. I was really proud. It was soo cool. It was nice to see that someone else had noticed that my kids are hard workers.
EDIT: here is what the certificate says :

Warriors of the Cross

The board of Directors for Warrior Ministries of Oklahoma hereby awards to: Benjamin Eagler

and recognizes this unique individual, as True Warrior of the Cross. This award is given to Benjamin Eagler because of his uncompromising mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by equipping and helping others to be effective ministers of the Gospel. Warriors of the Cross are people who have been recognized by our Board of Directors, as a person who has accepted the call of God upon their lives, to encourage, equip, and challenge others, by their example, to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Dated this 18 day of August 2006

It is signed by the director of Warrior Ministries and has the Warrior ministries logo and is nicely framed.
Their attitudes ... "wow! I didn't know people got stuff like this. I was just doing this stuff for Jesus!"

Yea, well, that's kind of WHY you got honored kiddo!

My kids drive me insane, but I am sooo proud of them I can't see straight.


  1. Great picture PK! A little resemblance yes. You're looking great... You're kids sound wonderful. No wonder you are so proud of them.

  2. Great pic! I think you have every right to be proud! You are a great Mom and have great kids. Love ya!

  3. Nope no resembalance at all nope not at all ha yeah right LOL.... i like your pic;)

    congrats to the boys!!!

  4. didnt mike warnke get into some trouble for being a fraud ?

  5. JIP ... there was a backlash against him quite a while back. People questioning his testimony (you can't have been that deep into drugs, satanism and the things of the world and then turn to God) other's saying he was never not a christian and raised in a Christian home ... the number of lies told are unimaginable. I'd heard too many to name.

    All kinds of things said about him.

    It took a while, but, he just sat quitely, keeping on ministering to the hurting and those in prison, knowing the truth is the truth, and trusting God to work it out. He never thought he'd have a public ministry again. His ministry isn't what it was ...he's speaking to 150 to 300 instead of 1500 to 3000 ... but ... there was something far more intimate now about his testimony ... and it is all now Jesus and has the maturity of a man who has his testimony tried in the fire.

    Having heard him and been a huge fan of his in 1979 ... and hearing him 2006. I can say I truly RESPECT him in 2006.

  6. You and your family are truly blessed.

    God's Hand is upon you.

    God Bless You.

  7. Hello there! Nice blog, I will visit more often...

  8. Hey -- I'm playing catch-up since I'm back in town. I'm very excited about the house and will look forward to hearing more as it takes form above the ground!

    Congrats on raising such terrific kids...keep up the good work!

    Lastly, perhaps your neuro just wants to make sure that you're doing as well as he thought you were -- look for that 3 - 6 month RV after your next visit :).

  9. thankyou for callraifying that, and for some reason it spoke volumes to me thankyou once again. The truth is the truth and it will reveal all things i guess it what it said, and mike is doing that.'