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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

I decided that since Freckles was going to his new home today, maybe he should smell nice and fresh, and look his best. Cathy, gives her baby's (cats) baths, so, maybe ... so, I get a bath ready for him ...and I stick him in the bath.

Now, because he's a white cat, and he's gotten into things ... grilling charcoal ... unmixed koolaid ...he's had a couple of baths ..and I wasn't expecting too much trouble. It's the shampoo he tends too balk at.

So, I stick him in the water. He stiffens, but doesn't do anything else, but meow, kind of a protest. I start to wash him and he protests a bit. I pulled him out and scrubbed him on the toilet and the towel, mostly for my own comfort, I was getting dizzy leaning over the tub. He seemed to like that too.

I stick this white, black spotted drowned spotted little rat back in the water, and he just sits there, moaning. A deep, mournful ... horrible ..graveyard deep moan. "Oh help meeeee I'm being tortured" moan. I start to laugh, because he's perfectly relaxed as I'm rinsing him off. Then he looks up at me as if to say "hey, this doesn't feel half bad"

While he's looking at me, the deep moan goes again.

Wait ...he's lovingly looking at me and the poor pitiful begging me to stop torturing him moan is still taking place!

I look down at my side. Sitting next to me by the side of the tub ... Twitch ... His Daddy cat ... PLEASE PLEASE STOP GETTING MY BABY WET!

Oh brother!

When I got Freckles out of the tub I had to pick Twitch up, too, to let Twitch know that Freckles was, indeed, Okay.

Geesh, that cat has too much estrogen for a male cat!


  1. What a scene! I love your cat stories because it's just the sort of story I expect from my pet-lover friends. But you always have an interesting twist, little one.

    Bathing the cat? Isn't it easier to just get a gray kitty?

  2. I laughed at Cathy for bathing her cat ..she evidently does it on a regular basis.

    This one was born into this family. We didn't pick the color. :) He's rather mischievious. Today's was because I wanted him to be really snow white and smelling pretty for his new mommy.

    He'll probably be pink, or black, or green or something else requiring bathing soon lol but that will be her problem ;)

    Twitch and Sugarfoot only get bathed when they jump into my bath ..which I find rather annoying.

  3. thats funny pk.. whats with all these critters having such strong personalities lol

  4. Wolfie ..we spend so much time at home, and they are a part of our family. We treat them as such ... and they deliver our entertainment. And they do deliver.

    Twitch, delivers in spades!

  5. Oh God, I love this story..Poor little kitty. He was much better about his bath than my Gary ever is.

    I never knew cats could "scream" like a person before. He fights terrible evry time during his bath....lol

    ya gotta love their personalities..

  6. Freckles made quite the impression, all groomed as he was. I think his new home will be fine. He and Fuzz hissed a little bit, but it seemed like all was going well as I left him in his new home. The new owner thought Freckles was beautiful.

  7. I hope Freckles is happy in his new home. Sounds like he made a great first impression with being freshly bathed.

    Loved the bath story. I could picture it in my mind.

    BTW, I hope the Green Tea consumption is going well for you. I like to put a blob of honey in mine!