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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

Well, it appears that good news comes in three's!

Went to the orthopedist today. He was WRONG about my shoulder. I do NOT have a rotator cuff tear! YIPEE!!!!!
I do have a problem, I have arthritis that is putting pressure on said rotator cuff. BUT no tear, and no surgery would or could fix what is wrong! YAHOOEEE!!!

So, my big fear is relieved. No shoulder surgery! He gave it another steroid shot (which surprised me, it's only been about 6 weeks since the last one!) but in a different spot. He was going to give me PT but that didn't happen. Not sure why. I think because I started asking questions about my knee surgery.

One of the things I asked him was we forgot to discuss if he was truely going to do the surgery outpatient or admit me. He said "oh no! You'll be admitted!" I told him they'd scheduled me as outpatient. He said he'd tell my Primary doc, she'd be the one admitting me because he's not going to manage my MG. I said "ahhh, come on!" He looked like a deer caught in the headlights! "Um, NO, I don't think so!" I said "what's wrong, don't think you can?" He said "Um, nope, I'm afraid I'd kill you!"
I told him I could give him instructions.
He laughed and said "Yea, you probably could!"

He's still going to have my PCP admit me. My PCP will call my neuro over to manage my MG cause she won't manage my MG either.
Chickens! ;)

soooooo ... I am NOT going to be facing shoulder surgery. I might have to live with the pain. I can deal with that. Pain is normal for me. (ok, this is the second time in a week I've been told that arthritis is the cause of my pain and nothing surgical to be done for it LOL)

Loosing my range of motion, would be something that would have broken my heart. It would have meant the loss of yet one more dream & skill. Don't like pain. I am used to it. I can deal with the pain. I couldn't deal with the loss of the dream.


  1. hey thanks for the update. rotator cuff pain can be really frustrating. ask your doc if these exercises would be good:
    you know i can't give advice.
    hope you feel better soon,

  2. They look remarkably like the ones i'm already doing!