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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just in Case

Pearls and Dreams

Ok Just letting you know, just in case you don't hear from me in a few days.

Tomorrow morning (at 7 am) I am having an EGD. (that's the camera down the stomach for you unmedical types).
I am being sedated, so I don't know how much I'll be able to be on line tomorrow, it tends to get to me longer than the average person, and makes me weaker too ..sooooo ...

I have had 5 of these. 3 have put me in myasthenic exaccerbation requiring hospitalization (1 ICU). 2 I walked out.
The two I walked out ... I did not have full sedation. I am having full sedation, as far as I know. I will NOT go through partial sedation again if I can help it, I'd rather let the MG flare a bit and spend the nite in the hospital!! That was a traumatic event! Painful and horrible!

BUT ... the 3 that caused the MG problems ... I think probabably had far more to do with my extremely active eating disorder (yes, the GI doc figured it out by the EGD exam too, he was the first doctor to corner me on the bulimia) than the MG itself.
I am not active with ED behaviors now. So, my guess is that I will be able to walk away. My Prayer is that I will be walking away.

I told my pastor that if something happens my mom or husband would let him know. He said they better. He knows how to find me, he is well aquainted with finding me in that hospital. I said "Hey! I have not had surgery or been in the hospital in TWO WHOLE YEARS!" (well, I almost made it June 22 would have been 2 years)
He said "yes, well that's to make up for the every other month of the first 5 years that I knew you, literally!"
ok, so ...almost literally LOL (I wish he wasn't kidding!)

2 years no hospital? wow!

Anyway ... I have a friend who is going to contact my friend D. She has access to this blog. so if something happens, she could update this if she gets a chance.
Next thursday is my knee surgery and I WILL be staying at least one night for that one. It's always been one night, two has been discussed this time. Why ? Don't know.

But, the hospital of record for me ..at all times ..is Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. So, if you get the urge to call in the afternoon and evening to see if I've been admitted, that's who you'd call. (918 579 1000 .... I think, check their website first thought) Before my knee surgery I'll post hospital address & phone number so you will all know where I am.

I hope to, by friday to be able to post about my sons follow up aapt to day with the pediatric resident for his asthma and eye scratch ... for now I will suffice it to say ... this resident is older than me and has the single worst case of ADHD I have ever ever seen in my life!!!!!!



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