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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Still Going

Pearls and Dreams

I am no longer in Physical Therapy ... :( I have to wait till after surgery to go back. It was causing a problem with my MG ...so no one but me seems overly upset that I'm out of it.

I am still (with sort of approval) doing some exercises at home. (with sort of approval means ... I haven't cleared any of it with my neurologist since my last appointment that he saw me not walking right, double vision/drooping eyelids and not breathing all together correctly ... but that was a flare ... I think, so that doesn't count, I'll tell him at our next appt in 2 weeks ..if I remember, I have yet to remember to tell him I'm working toward getting a Habitat for Humanity house. Which, he's either going to be thrilled for me, or he's going to clobber me.

Ok ... soo ... on my own I am doing :

3 sets of 20 leg lifts
2 sets of 20 clams (ok, should be 3, but those things suck!)
3 sets of 20 lifts with my bent knee over the leg being lifted,
no idea what that's actually called. Lay on your left side, place right foot at knee of left leg, lift leg straight up into air ..that's how it's done.
2 sets of 20 straight leg lifts with me on stomach. (those effect the MG & walking probably more than any other exercise I do, if I do too many of those, I wind up falling every time. I suppose I should cut them out, but I think they are helping my hip muscles which aren't all that strong to begin with)

4 sets of 20 squats
3 sets of 20 squats agains the wall
3 sets of vectors ( I don't know who invented vector's, but they were not a nice person!)
balancing on one foot ...
up to 30 seconds on left foot and 25 on right.

started at 22 & 18, some improvement, not much for the lenght of time I've been working at all this.

It doesn't feel like enough, but the surgeon says it's enough to keep the gains I made in PT until my surgery June 2.


  1. PK, dear, you get more exercise with that PT than I get on most days, lol.

    I've got to ask you about your "not really approved" status, though, is there any possibility it could be worsening your symptoms? Please please remember to ask your doc, and tell him about Habitat for Humanity, he may want to clobber you but he'll be proud as well!

    love, (((((hugs))))) and prayers

  2. Melissa, yes, there is a problem with MG & exercise. But there is an equal problem with joints and not exercising ... it's a catch 22.

    If he gets too upset with me over the Habitat thing, I'll tell him my PCP doctor and my pulmonologist both know (that ought to make him feel really good!whoops)

    My pulmonologist is soooo excited. He wants to plant all my flowers for me when I get my house (which is so funny because I'm so allergic and he knows it.)
    He's a real gardner and said that he knows Habitat does the flowers, but he wants to do it. :)

    He's a neat guy. I knew his mom before him. His mom had MG too and I met her through the MG foundation. When I first met him, I was in the hospital, he walked into my room and I instantly knew who he was. He was so much like his mother!

    So, if my neuro gives me too much grief ... I'll just say "oh yea? go talk to Dr. G!" :P